What food can I eat before going to bed

What food can you eat before going to bed. Every night with jujube 30 ~ 60g, add water to cook, help sleep.

whole wheat bread

a piece of toast, with tea and honey, can help the body release an insulin that makes tryptophan reach the human brain and convert it into serotonin there. It’s like someone whispering in his ear: & lt; It’s time to go to bed;.

sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate metabolism, improve the inhibition function of brain cells, and play the role of calming and tranquilizing. After dinner, some sunflower seeds can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is conducive to digestion and sleep.

soya bean paste

soya bean paste is actually the bean dregs left after beating soya bean milk. It is a good food material that can never be wasted. It has multiple functions of sleeping, slimming and detoxification.

it is rich in phytoestrogen like soybean milk, which can make you feel relaxed; It is also rich in oligosaccharides, which can promote the growth of probiotics in the intestine, regulate the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, reduce the deposition of acidic metabolic waste in the body, and help the intestinal detoxification; There are also rich mineral calcium, soybean protein and soybean fiber, which are also catalysts for body fat burning.


Xiaomi is rich in tryptophan among all cereals. In addition, millet contains a lot of starch, which makes people feel full after eating. It can promote the secretion of insulin and increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain.


almond is rich in tryptophan which can calm nerves and magnesium which can relax muscles, which can help you improve sleep quality. If you want to make the taste richer, you can also & lt; Almond + peanut + raisin & quot; Make mixed nuts for eating.

many nutrition experts recommend American Almond as a snack at night, not only because it is convenient to eat and has obvious satiety, but also because the cell wall structure of American Almond can shield the body from absorbing fat, which can prevent you from getting fat.

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