What food can prevent liver cirrhosis

What food to eat can prevent liver cirrhosis

what food to eat can prevent liver cirrhosis

orange can detoxify and protect liver

orange taste, sweet with acid, fragrant and pleasant smell. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that orange has the function of dispelling wind evil and stopping hysteria. The vitamins in orange, especially vitamin E and vitamin C, have obvious effects on the maintenance of liver cells, the prevention of constipation, the enhancement of immunity in patients with liver cirrhosis, especially detoxification, stomach strengthening and spleen strengthening. Besides, oranges & lt; Release & quot; Liver cirrhosis, do not remove too much & lt; Orange white;, That is, the white filaments beside the pulp. It’s better to eat them together.

bananas can prevent intestinal bleeding

there are many kinds of bananas. In patients with liver cirrhosis, after liver cirrhosis surgery, the consumption should be appropriate. But in addition, such as routine care of liver cirrhosis, eating bananas, is very good. Banana’s function of moistening intestines and defecating need not be introduced too much. For friends with cirrhosis, bananas can prevent intestinal bleeding. The dietary fiber in banana can enhance the intestinal motility of patients with liver cirrhosis.

in addition to the prevention of liver cirrhosis through dietotherapy, how to release the pressure brought by work and get enough sleep is particularly important for the prevention of liver cirrhosis and the protection of liver health. White collar workers often work overtime for a long time, and the load of liver is quite large, which greatly increases the risk of illness. Therefore, white collar workers should pay more attention to nourishing liver and protecting liver.

the main causes of liver cirrhosis:

1, excessive drinking.

long term or intermittent heavy drinking can cause liver injury. The larger the amount of alcohol and the longer the duration of drinking, the more serious the consequences. Alcohol can directly poison liver cells and affect their structure and function. According to traditional Chinese medicine, & lt; Wine is a hot food, which damages liver yin;, Even if you drink a lot of iced beer in summer, it can cause damage to the liver. In reality, many people are suffering from alcoholic hepatitis and fatty liver because of excessive drinking, resulting in liver damage.


staying up late often leads to insufficient sleep and excessive fatigue, which will cause the relative insufficiency of liver blood flow, affect the nutrition and moistening of liver cells, reduce the resistance, and make the damaged liver cells difficult to repair and worsen.

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