What food can prevent osteoporosis

What kind of food can prevent osteoporosis?

what kind of food can prevent osteoporosis?


soybeans contain more than 40% of high-quality protein, and have a variety of essential amino acids, most of which are arginine and lysine. It is an important raw material for human body to synthesize protein. The phosphorus in soybeans can supplement the needs of the brain, iron and zinc Calcium is rich and can prevent anemia and osteoporosis.


fungi are rich in vitamin D. vitamin D can help human body absorb calcium, which is beneficial to bone health and prevent osteoporosis. In addition, the amino acid composition of fungus protein is very similar to that of meat, milk and egg, which can ensure the essential amino acids for human normal growth and development.


drinking milk often can obtain six nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and water. It can not only reduce the loss of bone minerals and prevent osteoporosis, but also enhance the physique and improve the quality of life.


fish meat is rich in amino acids, which can promote the synthesis of human protein, enzyme and hormone, and form the material basis of body activity and regulation; Fish also contains phosphorus, selenium, calcium and other essential minerals, which can delay aging and prevent osteoporosis.

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