What food can’t cucumber be eaten with?

What food can’t cucumber be eaten with?

which foods can’t cucumber be eaten with?

1, spinach

spinach is rich in nutrition, not only can enrich blood, but also contains a variety of vitamins beneficial to human body. But if you eat it with cucumber, it will reduce its nutritional value. This is mainly because cucumber contains a kind of decomposing enzyme substance, which will destroy the vitamin C contained in spinach and reduce its activity.

although cucumber and spinach can not show any specific harm in a short time, over time, it will reduce the absorption of vitamin C, which is harmful to people’s health. Because they both take together, will block the absorption of vitamin C, thus increasing the risk of cancer, threatening human health.

2, peanut

peanuts are also a very common dish for drinking, sometimes even with cucumber. Cucumbers are cold and contain more oil, and when they are combined with peanuts, they will increase the lubrication properties, which is like injecting & quot; into the human body; Toxin & quot; Similarly, after being ingested by the human body, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other adverse symptoms, which will cause great damage to gastrointestinal health.

this will not have any impact on people with good stomach, but if people with bad stomach eat them, it will lead to the stomach can not normally absorb the nutrients contained in the food, and can not fully provide the human body with the required. So for a long time in the past, it will lead to malnutrition and other conditions, seriously damage people’s health.

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