What food can’t cucumber go with?

What food can’t cucumber go with?

efficacy of cucumber

vitamin supplement. cucumber is rich in a variety of vitamins, such as B vitamins, vitamin C and so on. Need to remind is, cucumber skin to eat, vitamin supplement effect is better.

skin care. cucumber is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and silicon, which is beneficial to skin health.

to prevent constipation. cucumber is rich in water and low in heat, which is beneficial to lose weight. The dietary fiber can prevent constipation.

make up water. The water content of cucumber is as high as 96.7%, which is the highest among all foods, and it can supplement body fluid very well.

is anticancer. cucumbers contain three kinds of fatty acids, including open loop Larix, Larix, and turpentine, which can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer.

fresh breath. cucumber juice is good for curing gum disease. Eating it often can make your Breath fresher.

. The silicon in cucumbers makes hair smoother, nails brighter and stronger. The sulfur and silicon also stimulate hair growth.

is good for kidney health. cucumber can reduce the level of uric acid in vivo, and has protective effect on kidney.

. nutritious cucumber is beneficial & lt; Cleaning & quot; The body garbage, often eat also helps to prevent kidney stones.

prevention of diabetes, lipid-lowering and stabilizing. , a hormone in cucumber, is beneficial to the secretion of insulin by pancreas, the improvement of diabetes mellitus, and the reduction of cholesterol. Cucumber is rich in dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium, which can regulate blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

reduces arthritis and gout pain. Silicon in cucumbers helps to enhance joint connective tissue health. Cucumber and carrot juice can reduce uric acid, relieve arthritis and gout pain.

sober up. cucumber contains a lot of B vitamins and electrolytes, which can supplement important nutrients, so as to reduce the discomfort after drinking and relieve the hangover.

what food can’t cucumber match with?

when drinking, many people like to cut cucumber into small cubes and mix them with cooked peanuts to make wine and vegetables. In fact, this kind of collocation is very improper, cucumber and peanut collocation is very easy to cause diarrhea, this is because, cucumber is sweet and cold, many people like to eat raw cucumber, and peanut more fat, generally speaking, fat food and cold food collocation, easy to increase the slippery, thus causing diarrhea, so should not eat together. Gastrointestinal function is not very good friends must avoid eating both.

the vitamin C decomposing enzyme rich in cucumber is easy to destroy the vitamin C in other vegetables. Therefore, when eating cucumber with pepper, celery and other foods, VC is easy to be destroyed. Therefore, cucumber must not be eaten with pepper, celery, tomato and other foods rich in vitamin C.

the more vitamin C is rich in food, the easier it is to be destroyed by the decomposing enzymes in cucumber when eating with cucumber. Readers must bear in mind.

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