What food can’t radish be eaten with?

What food can’t radish be eaten with?

what food can’t radish be eaten with?

experts remind that no matter taking traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, we should try to avoid eating radish during taking medicine, otherwise the drug properties will be greatly affected. Especially when taking traditional Chinese medicine, we must avoid eating radish. The main reason is that radish has the effect of digestion and Qi breaking, especially when taking ginseng, Astragalus and other tonic herbs. Some studies have confirmed that radish can weaken the tonic effect of ginseng, so it is less effective in treatment and nourishing. Therefore, people who often have the habit of eating traditional Chinese medicine should pay attention to the radish.

apart from drugs, what are the contraindications of radish?

1, radish + carrot

, carrot and white radish are not suitable to be mixed together. The vitamin C content of white radish is very high, which is very beneficial to human health. If it is mixed with carrot, vitamin C will be lost. The reason is that carrots contain an enzyme called ascorbic acid, which can destroy vitamin C in white radish.

2, radish + persimmon

eat a lot of fruit containing plant pigment, it will break down an acid substance in the intestinal tract, and then eat radish, the human body will produce thiocyanate inhibition of thyroid, thus inducing or leading to goiter. Persimmon, pear, apple, grape and other fruits contain a lot of plant pigments. After eating radish, don’t eat these fruits for a short time.

3, radish + orange

radish and orange are almost on the market at the same time, so it is easy to eat both. When radish intake of human body, can quickly produce a substance called thiocyanate. The flavonoids in orange are transformed into hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid in the intestine. They react with thiocyanate to form thiocyanate. Thiocyanate can inhibit the thyroid gland and induce or cause goiter.

4, radish + Auricularia auricula

radish and Auricularia auricula to eat with some special sensitive constitution, easy to cause allergic dermatitis.

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