What food can’t you eat when you cough

What food can’t you eat when you cough

what food can’t you eat when you cough

it’s easy to catch a cold in spring. We all know that after a cold, it’s easy to cough. It’s really hard when you cough. You can’t stand it after a few days. How should cough do? If you want to cough well, you must quit your mouth. What foods should you pay attention to when coughing?

1, avoid fishy shrimps and crabs

many children with fever and cough after eating fishy food, which is related to fishy smell stimulating respiratory tract and protein allergy to fish and shrimp food. Children who are allergic to some fish and eggs should pay more attention, especially silver carp and hairtail.

2, avoid raw and cold food

this kind of food on the one hand aggravates the condition of throat, on the other hand, its health and safety is often worrying. If it’s a cold and fever caused by infectious diseases such as bacillary dysentery caused by unclean food, then the digestive function will decline. At this time, drinking cold drinks will not only aggravate the disease, but also lead to serious deterioration and even life-threatening.

3, avoid coriander

for people suffering from cold and cough, coriander must be avoided, cold and cough we will have varying degrees of qi deficiency, and coriander can be scattered, if eaten at this time, it will consume gas and spirit, thus aggravating the degree of cold and cough.

4, avoid sweet and sour food

, sour food will gather phlegm, make sputum difficult to cough, resulting in cough difficult to heal. Eating more sweets can make inflammation difficult to heal. When cough is serious, watermelon, pear, banana, kiwi, apple, banana, orange, grape and other common fruits should not be eaten! Many parents think that oranges have the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm, so they choose to let babies with cold and cough eat more oranges. In fact, tangerine peel has the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm, but tangerine meat produces heat and phlegm instead. Watermelon is also a fruit that can’t be eaten when you have a cold. When you just have a cold, eating watermelon is like taking medicine to clean up heat, which will aggravate the virus of the cold or prolong the cure time.

although Yali can clear away heat and generate fluid, it is cold in nature, so it can’t be eaten when people have a cold. Many people have a cold and blindly buy pears to eat. This will lead to more serious cough, so they can’t eat pears raw, they can only stew to get rid of the cold.

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