What food can’t you eat when you stay up late?

What food can’t you eat when you stay up late?

what food can’t you eat when you stay up late?

night food blacklist

first of all, to avoid instant noodles, crisp bread, meat products and other high fat food. Because their digestion rate is very slow, it will delay the time of gastric emptying, and may even affect the appetite of breakfast the next day.

followed by fried, barbecue, fried food, such as fried peanuts, roasted mutton kebabs, etc., which will cause adverse effects on gastric mucosa.

third: Night fruit intake should also be appropriate, especially do not eat more sugar fruit, otherwise it may lead to getting up at night, affect the quality of sleep. Fourth, too salty things should also be avoided as far as possible, because it will not only cause you to keep drinking water, but also make it difficult to drain water, which not only affects sleep, but also easily leads to facial edema the next day.

finally, drinking a lot of coffee and strong tea at night can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, which is easy to cause the autonomic nervous disorder of internal organs. Which is the good food to stay up late? Eat: when staying up late, you need to prepare some bread, cake, biscuit, chocolate and other food, and eat with drinks or hot porridge, which can quickly restore physical strength and heat. At the same time, people who often stay up late can also prepare nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, white melon seeds and raisins at home, all of which have good brain strengthening effects.

drink: can drink black tea, black tea warm stomach; You can also drink some hot milk to supplement protein; Longan water is also a good drink, can timely supplement sugar and heat.

hot porridge can not only timely supplement heat, but also easy to digest, is a very good tonic. For example, longan porridge warms the stomach and nourishes the heart; Jujube porridge can replenish blood and Qi; Oatmeal porridge is nutritious and digestible. At the same time, black sesame paste and lotus root powder, easy to eat, but also a good choice to stay up late.

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