What food is good to eat in haze days

what food is good to eat in haze days

1 Lily can improve the anti-virus ability of lung

lung does not like dryness, mushroom and Lily have a good effect of nourishing lung and nourishing Yin, which can help the lung fight against toxins. Processing time should not be too long when eating, otherwise the juice in Lily will be reduced, The anti-virus effect should be greatly reduced. Traditional Chinese medicine experts: often eat lily, Qingfei Buqi. The lung governs the Qi of the whole body, and Lily is called the best by TCM experts; Clearing lung and Invigorating Qi; Food. Lily stewed with snow pear moistens lung and resists virus;

2; Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer;

radish is the detoxification food of lung. In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the relationship between the large intestine and the lung is the closest. The degree of toxin excretion from the lung depends on whether the large intestine is unobstructed. Radish can help the large intestine excrete stool. Raw, fried or mixed cold dishes are OK.

3, drink Zhuhong soup

, 500g Zhuhong, 250g leek and 50g ginger& ldquo; Pig red & quot; Pig blood, folk think it has the function of removing dust. Modern medicine believes that after the protein in pig blood is decomposed by gastric acid, it can produce a kind of substance with the function of disinfection and moistening intestines. This substance can react with the dust and harmful metal particles entering the human body, and then excrete these harmful substances out of the body; Pig red & quot; It can also be called human body dirt; Scavenger;. The protein content of pig blood is especially rich, which is 4 times of pork and 5 times of egg.

4, eat Chuanbei rock sugar stewed pear, clean respiratory tract

rock sugar and pear together, can effectively clean the respiratory tract! Preparation method of stewed pear with Chuanbei rock sugar: wash the pear, cut off the pear cover from the top, then dig out the pear heart with a spoon, and add Chuanbei and a few pieces of rock sugar in the middle. Cover the pear with the pear just cut. Take a few toothpicks to fix it from top to bottom. Put the pear in a cup or a big bowl, add water and stew in a pot for about 35 minutes.

5, light diet, drink more water

. In foggy days, it is better to choose light, digestible and vitamin rich food, drink more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which can not only supplement various vitamins and inorganic salts, but also play the role of moistening the lung, eliminating phlegm, relieving cough, strengthening the spleen and kidney. Eat less stimulating food, eat more pear, loquat, orange, orange and other lung clearing phlegm food.

6, drink more Qingfei Runfei tea, such as Siraitia grosvenorii

, Siraitia grosvenorii tea can prevent throat itching caused by inhaling dirty air in foggy days, and has a good effect of Runfei. Especially in the afternoon. Because the fog in the morning is the thickest, and it almost dissipates at noon. People inhale more dust and impurities in the morning, and they can clear their lungs in time after drinking in the afternoon.

7, moistening lung calcium can not be less than

, eat more tofu, milk and other food, if necessary, to supplement vitamin D.

what to wear in a haze day

in fact, the most important thing to wear clothes in a haze day is not fashion, but safety. Because the visibility is reduced in the vast expanse of white, the driver can’t see anything clearly in the distance, so you should pay attention to dressing when you go out. How can you increase your safety factor?

the first thing to wear is bright and prominent color: in the case of low visibility in haze days, it is imperative to wear prominent clothes. Red clothes are the safest. Even the fog lights on the car are red, which shows the power of red.

followed by yellow, green clothes is also a good choice, it will let you stand out from the white fog of the surrounding environment. Remember never to wear gray, white this kind of light color clothes to go out, because it will let you into the nature, no one can see you.

precautions for travel in haze days

citizens should go out as little as possible, cancel morning exercise, and wear medical masks when they have to go out to avoid respiratory tract irritation leading to diseases; If you have to go out, don’t ride a bicycle, avoid the peak traffic and driving more roads, and avoid inhaling more chemicals. It’s also better not to drive private cars and take more public transport to contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

after going out in the haze days, we must pay attention to wash hands and face frequently, and wash away the pollutants on the skin; In addition, it’s better to change into home clothes when you go home, and the clothes you wear when you go out should not be put in the bedroom.

at the same time, it is recommended that the time of continuous wearing masks should not exceed 4 hours, and pay attention to cleaning and disinfecting with boiling water every day to ensure hygiene. However, some popular personality masks and cartoon masks are only one or two layers thick, which are difficult to filter the virus and dust in the air.

you should pay special attention to driving in hazy days! According to the traffic police, the front and rear fog lights should be turned on when driving in haze days. Special reminder, do not turn on the high beam, it will make the line of sight more blurred. If the visibility is low due to haze, the front and rear fog lights, tail lights, side lights and low beam lights can be used to improve the visibility.

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