What food to eat after staying up late recovers quickly

what food to eat after staying up late recovers quickly

1, fungus food

, such as black fungus, tremella, mushroom, Lentinus edodes, etc. These fungi are rich in selenium. Regular use can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis, improve the body’s immune function, increase the content of immunoglobulin in the body, stimulate the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, smooth intestines, clean blood, detoxify and increase intelligence. The alginate in kelp has the function of curing arteriosclerosis, preventing the human body from absorbing heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, and removing radioactive toxins from the human body. Alginate can form gelatinous substances in the intestines because of its high water content. It helps to eliminate toxins and prevent constipation and intestinal cancer.

3, mung bean

, mung bean can detoxify alcohol poison, wild fungus poison, arsenic poison, organophosphorus pesticide poison, lead poison, Danshi poison, rat poison, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung bean can detoxify, help the excretion of toxins in the body, and promote the normal metabolism of the body. However, the cooking time should not be too long, in order to avoid the damage of organic acids and life sustaining factors and reduce the effect.

4, onion

onion can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, strengthen digestion ability, and is rich in sulfur, and the best combination with protein, especially beneficial to the liver, so it helps to detoxify. Cooking a pot of vegetable soup with onion as the main ingredient, adding green cauliflower, carrots, celery and other high fiber fruits and vegetables can decompose the accumulated toxins in the body and help defecate. The diuretic effect of

5 and

lotus root can promote the rapid excretion of wastes in the body, so as to purify the blood. Lotus root is suitable for both hot and cold consumption. Squeeze lotus root into juice. You can add a little honey to taste and drink it directly. You can also warm it over low heat and add a little sugar to drink it when it is warm.

6 and

the plasma protein of pig blood can be decomposed by gastric acid and digestive juice to produce a substance with the function of moistening intestines and detoxifying. This kind of substance can react with dust and harmful metal particles adhering to the gastrointestinal wall, so that these toxic and harmful substances can be discharged from the body.

how do office workers recover after staying up late?

1, snack portion

, snack portion should be between 3% and 6% full, because eating too much will increase the burden of stomach, make you more want to sleep. Starch can make nerves and mood better, which helps to improve work efficiency. However, too much starch in the midnight snack will make people drowsy. It can be combined with some protein, such as eating half a bowl of noodles and a few thin pieces of meat. Instant noodles are almost all starch, not suitable for midnight snack. If you are ready to stay up late at night, it is better to make up for sleep in advance during the day. If you can make up for sleep for 1-2 hours in advance during the day, the demand for sleep at night will be reduced, which can reduce the pain of staying up late. If you don’t get enough sleep during the day, you may not be able to really refresh yourself by drinking coffee when you are extremely tired at night. If you feel tired in the middle of staying up late, don’t hold on any longer. It’s helpful to take a nap for 10-30 minutes, because staying up late can stimulate the autonomic nervous system and make your heart beat and blood pressure rise. If you can rest for 30 minutes in the middle, you can reduce the situation of heart beat and blood pressure rise. Your mood will be more stable and help you focus.

3, make up sleep the next day

it takes seven days to make up for staying up late. The day after staying up late is used to make up sleep and adjust the day night cycle. For example, it’s better to take a nap at noon instead of overdraft. After going home, you can take a hot bath to speed up blood circulation and eliminate fatigue quickly. Modern people generally live a static life and lack of exercise. Acute diseases, such as myocardial infarction and stroke, may occur when they are over 30 years old, especially after staying up late.

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