What fruit can clear away heat and phlegm

What fruit to eat can clear away heat and phlegm

what fruit to eat can clear away heat and phlegm

in the hot summer, I believe everyone is looking for ways to clear away heat, relieve throat discomfort and phlegm. At this time, some people will want to use the time of the afternoon to carefully cook a medicated diet that can clear away heat, phlegm and detoxification, and some may search which fruits may have the effect of clearing away heat, phlegm, generating fluid and relieving thirst. So today, let’s share with you some fruits that can clear away heat and remove phlegm.


plum is a plant of Rosaceae. It also has a popular name called mengdada & mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Dinosaur eggs;. Because plums are mild and sweet, they can effectively clear the liver and remove heat, and also produce saliva to quench thirst. In addition, it can also help us promote digestion and increase appetite. As a traditional summer fruit in China, people like to make it into canned food or preserved fruit since ancient times.

Hami melon.

Hami melon is a kind of fruit that can prevent coronary heart disease in modern medicine. But the effect of this fruit is not simple, just can prevent coronary heart disease. First of all, this is a fruit with cold nature and sweet taste. After eating Hami melon, you can diuretic and quench thirst. In the irritable summer, it can also remove the heat and prevent the summer heat, so it’s a good product to make it clear heat and remove phlegm.

Fig. The origin of fig is not in our country, but in the south of Arabia. However, the malic acid and citric acid contained in Fig can help people digest food, promote appetite, and moisten intestines. In addition, fig can also resist aging and prevent a variety of cancers to a certain extent.

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