What fruit can eat to go fire?

What fruit can eat to go fire?

what fruit to eat can go to fire?

what fruit is heat clearing and fire removing effect good? In our daily life, many people love to eat a variety of fruits, there are also many medical research data show that: many fruits contain vitamins and other substances beneficial to the human body, so eating more fruits is really better for the body. However, because there are many kinds of fruits, some fruits will get angry when they are eaten, while some fruits have the effect of clearing heat and removing fire. Therefore, we still need to have a certain understanding of the habits of all kinds of fruits before making the right choice!


this is a high nutrition but low calorie tropical fruit. Because it is rich in protein and dietary fiber. It can increase the probiotics in the intestines and stomach, at the same time, it can also detoxify and moisten the intestines, so it has therapeutic effect on some people with dry stool, fever and thirst. But banana is cold, so it is not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea.


watermelon is a kind of fruit that people usually choose to clear away heat and fire in summer. Watermelon pulp contains a lot of water, sugar and vitamins. But there’s no fat or cholesterol in these substances. So the love of this fruit is regardless of age and gender. Watermelon for people’s heat stroke phenomenon has a good solution. And it can lower blood pressure. But watermelon also has diuretic effect, and cold. So for the spleen and stomach deficiency cold and urine volume, as well as enteritis, gastritis patients are not too much to eat. As mentioned above, watermelon is a kind of fruit with high sugar content, so for the patients with diabetes, watermelon is not suitable to eat.

there are other fruits that can effectively remove heat from the fire, such as sugarcane, melon, carambola, strawberry and loquat. You can also use these fruits to cook some desserts, and add a cool and delicious sweet wind for this summer.

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