What fruit contains alkaline

many fruits in our life are alkaline, but we just don’t know. The blood of the human body should be slightly alkaline, because only in this way can we maintain a better balance in the internal environment, so that the human body’s immunity will be higher, and we can better resist the external virus. What do you know? If the fruit is alkaline, it can help you enhance your immunity.

contains alkaline fruits, which provide great energy for human movement and mental exercise, so we can’t ignore this problem. Although alkaline fruits are common in life, we need to know what alkaline fruits are.

high quality alkaline fresh fruit

alkaline fruit usually can often eat lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugarcane juice, plum, apple, tomato and other fruits. Although the taste of these fruits is mostly sour, they will become alkaline in the process of metabolism in the body, and can keep the blood alkaline. These fruits can also “dissolve” the toxins accumulated in the cells, and finally excrete them out of the body through the excretion system.

basic food and health preservation

the main components of basic food (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium) are four essential elements for human movement and brain activity. Where the total amount of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and other metal elements in food is higher, the gray matter produced by metabolism in the body is alkaline, this kind of food is called alkaline food.

plants are 98% alkaline except California plum and red berry. Almost all fresh vegetables and fruits are alkaline food. But salted, fermented or fried fruits and vegetables with salt or sugar turn into acidic food. Our commonly used alkaline foods are vegetables, fruits, milk, almonds, chestnuts, coconuts and so on. Such as beans, spinach, lettuce, radish, potato, lotus root, onion, pumpkin, kelp, watermelon, banana, apple, pear, strawberry, persimmon, tea, etc. Kelp has the highest alkalinity, and enjoys the reputation of “the most alkaline food”. Therefore, eating kelp 3-4 times a week can maintain the normal pH of blood to prevent disease and improve health.

foods with more sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine than calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are acidic foods. The order of acidity of acidic foods is meat, fish, eggs, rice and flour. Meat, eggs, rice, flour, sugar and other metabolites in the body are acidic constitution with cation (70% of the diseases occur in acidic constitution). We need to eat a certain amount of alkaline food to offset the excessive acidic components and restore the normal alkalinity. Alkaline foods also help improve intelligence. If

people want to be healthy, their blood must be kept slightly alkaline for a long time, so that wastes in the body can be easily eliminated and immunity is good. Therefore, we should eat more alkaline food: fresh vegetables and fruits are alkaline food, which is the biggest reason why we should eat natural vegetarian food. Each meal of alkaline food (fruits and vegetables) accounted for 75%, the remaining 25% can eat cereals, protein, natural oils and so on.

above is to explain to you about what fruit contains alkaline this problem, I believe many people will have a better understanding of this knowledge after reading. This is what we should do, know how to use some habits in life to help the body to achieve a healthy state, this is the best, we should learn more about this knowledge.

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