What fruit has whitening effect

whitening is a topic that women always pay attention to. In our daily life, fruit is a good way to maintain the skin. Many women are very concerned about what kind of fruit to eat to whiten. Let’s go to understand the types and effects of fruit and see what kind of food to eat, Can help us achieve whitening effect.

what fruit can we eat to whiten? In fact, strawberries, kiwifruit, lemon, guava, papaya, apple, mango and other fruits can help our skin to have a good effect. However, fresh cherries contain a lot of sugar, protein, and sugar β Carotene, iron and other rich nutrients.

the iron in fruits can make people look ruddy, and β Carotene and vitamin C can be whitening skin must be more supplement, eat cherry can make skin really delicate, elastic Oh! Purify skin, cherry, lemon, apple, avocado, tomato, litchi. Litchi contains sugar, protein, pectin, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and so on. Vitamin C and iron are nutrients that make people have a bright red complexion, but eating litchi is easy to get angry, so hot, easy to acne beauty should be enough, not too much.

detoxification whole intestine, banana, apple, pineapple. Promote metabolism. Grape, kiwi fruit, lemon, orange, grapefruit, apple, pineapple, clean balance cherry, grape, avocado, lemon, strawberry and so on, is a whitening effect.

in daily life, what fruit to eat can whiten, the variety of fruit is more. We only choose some fruits that are good for people’s skin to eat, in order to obtain better whitening effect. However, there are also some types of fruits that are harmful to people’s skin. We also need to pay attention to them. I hope we can understand them.

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