What fruit helps digestion

fruit is the favorite of many people. This kind of food has high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and other trace elements. It is safe to choose fruits. Moreover, eating fruits has a good effect on improving the body’s immunity. However, when eating fruits, you should also pay attention to appropriate amount, What fruit helps digestion? There are more fruits like this.

there are many good choices for what kind of fruit can help digestion. However, when choosing fruit, we should first understand it, so that when eating it, there will be no damage to the body. This also needs attention.

what fruit helps digestion: 6667

1, papaya

, papaya, which has always been known for its whitening and low calorie, has been ranked first in the fruit list for the first time.

papain in papaya has a good whitening effect. The latest research also found that papaya enzymes in papaya milk juice can help the human body break down meat protein. After eating a small amount of papaya, on the prevention of gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, etc. have a certain effect.

2, oranges, oranges

oranges and oranges are rich in vitamin C and lutein, which have good antioxidant effect. Like oranges, the content of carotene in mango is also very high. Although it is rich in nutritional value, you can’t eat too much in a short time, otherwise the concentration of carotene in the blood is too high, it will deposit in the skin, make the skin yellow, and cause carotenemia.

3, strawberry

the latest research found that strawberry has the effect of consolidating gums, refreshing breath and moistening throat. Strawberry is sweet and juicy, and has certain anti-cancer effect. There is a Western proverb: one apple a day keeps the doctor away from me. Compared with last year, although apple is in the list, its ranking has declined. This is mainly because there are many kinds of apples in the world, but the quality is uneven. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides leads to the increase of sugar content and the decrease of vitamin content. Director Ge Sheng pointed out that the content of dietary fiber in apples is high, which can play a two-way regulatory role in gastrointestinal function. Diarrhea when eating apples can play a very good role in convergence, constipation when eating apples can help relieve symptoms.

above is a detailed introduction of what fruits help digestion. These fruits are very helpful in helping human digestion. However, when you eat these fruits, you should eat them in an appropriate amount. You should not choose too much. Otherwise, it will do great harm to your body. Especially for people with bad stomach, apples should also be chosen in an appropriate amount.

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