What fruit to eat less in spring?

What fruit to eat less in spring?

what fruit should we eat less in spring?

1, banana

problem: in order to make banana skin become yellow and good-looking, some illegal traders use excessive sulfur dioxide to ripen, but the flesh is still hard to eat, not sweet at all. Sulfur dioxide is harmful to human body.

tips: the correct method should be heating and fumigating.

nutritionist: banana is a kind of tropical fruit with rich nutrition. It tastes sweet, cold and has the function of moistening intestines and clearing heat. It ripens every summer.

2, pineapple

problem: after eating pineapple, some people will have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, mouth numbness, skin itching and other allergic phenomena.

reason: this is because pineapple contains biological glycosides and bromelain. In order to prevent allergic reaction, pineapple must be soaked in light salt water for more than ten minutes after being cut, and then be eaten after destroying bromelain.

nutritionist: pineapple is a tropical fruit, rich in dietary fiber and bromelain, which is good for preventing constipation and indigestion. It is a good choice for summer fruits.

as the weather gets warmer, we will see more and more pineapple sellers. Many pineapples are soaked in saltwater filled with glass fiber reinforced plastics, and chopsticks are inserted into each pineapple. Here to remind you, consider how long the salt water in the glass fiber reinforced plastic has not been changed? Are chopsticks new? This is not only unqualified, but also secondary pollution.

3, strawberry

advantages: traditional Chinese medicine believes that strawberry has the effect of removing heat, relieving summer heat and clearing heat. In spring, people’s liver fire is often strong. Eating strawberry can play an inhibitory role. In addition, strawberry is best eaten after meals, because it contains a lot of pectin and cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, improve constipation, prevent hemorrhoids, cancer.

problem: has hollow, irregular shape and too large strawberries, except for a few high-yield new varieties, which are generally caused by the use of excessive hormones. After using ripening agent or other hormone drugs, the growth cycle of strawberry becomes shorter and the color is bright, but it dilutes the inherent flavor of strawberry and lacks fresh taste.

nutritionist: strawberry is a very attractive fruit, its vitamin C content is very high, eating fresh strawberry is a good choice. The natural ripening period of strawberry is in late May every year.

4, sugarcane

problem: most of the sugarcane in spring of is stored in autumn. After a winter, it is easy to deteriorate, and flocculent or hairy white matter appears at the end of sugarcane. After incision, there will be red filaments on the section.

harm: some people didn’t choose sugarcane carefully when they bought it. They thought it was normal when they saw red filaments after cutting it. As a result, sugarcane poisoning was caused after eating.

nutritionist: sugarcane is very good; Purging fire & quot; Food is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of clearing away heat, generating fluid, moistening dryness, harmonizing stomach and reducing adverse reactions. The ripening season of sugarcane is in November. In addition to improper storage, sugarcane will be mildewed, and immature sugarcane will also be mildewed after being cut down.

tips: above five kinds of fruit mature season is not spring, we eat, most of them are long-term storage, can’t taste the best taste, also easy to get enough nutrition.

in addition, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, most of these fruits are cold and cool. It is better to eat less cold and cool fruits in spring. Therefore, it is suggested that you should eat less of these five fruits in spring.

5, grape

problem: some illegal traders and fruit growers dilute ethylene and water in proportion, and then soak the immature green grapes in the diluent. After one or two days, the green grapes will turn into purple grapes.

nutritionist: August and September are the ripening seasons of grapes. Grape taste is sweet and slightly sour, with the effect of Tonifying Qi and blood, strengthening muscles and bones, and promoting urination. Its sugar content is high. Diabetics should bear in mind that it is easy to taste.

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