What fruit to eat on fire can reduce fire?

What fruit to eat on fire can reduce fire?

what fruit to eat on fire can reduce fire? Water chestnuts

1, water chestnuts

are sweet and cold. It is good to eat water chestnuts on fire. They can be used as both vegetables and fruits. They have the heat of clearing lung and stomach, and have the effect of clearing lung heat and reducing fire, especially lung heat and stomach heat. They have curative effects on red eyes caused by lung fire, phlegm, hemorrhoids caused by stomach fire and blood in stool.

2, pitaya

pitaya belongs to cool fruit, sweet, juicy, very suitable for people with fire, with the effect of reducing fire, and also has the function of clearing heat, moistening lung, moistening intestines and detoxification.

3 and watermelon

are cool and contain a lot of water. They can produce fluid to quench thirst, clear away heat and reduce fire. They are suitable for friends with internal heat and heartburn. Moreover, watermelon is rich in potassium salt, which can make up for the lack of potassium salt in the body caused by a lot of sweating.

4, sugarcane

it’s better to eat sugarcane on fire. Sugarcane tastes sweet and cold. It has the functions of clearing away heat, generating fluid and moistening dryness. Friends with symptoms of getting on fire can’t miss it. It’s very effective for fever, thirst, lung dryness, cough, stool dryness and other symptoms of getting on fire.

5, grapefruit

grapefruit is one of the best choices for reducing fire. Grapefruit is cold and cool, which can clear away heat, reduce fire and remove dryness. Friends with fire symptoms can eat some grapefruit to achieve the effect of reducing fire quickly.

6, pear

on fire, eat pear better quickly, pear taste sweet and cold, with the body fluid quench thirst, Qinghou Jianghuo, Runzao Yangfei role, especially for lung fire caused by red eye discomfort, as well as sore throat, phlegm cough is very effective.

7, tomato

, tomato has the function of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, clearing away heat and toxin, calming liver and reducing fire. It can be used as fruit and dishes. If you eat some tomatoes, you can improve the symptoms of heat, especially clearing liver fire. Moreover, red enters the heart meridian. If you have a strong heart fire, you can choose to eat tomatoes.

8, strawberry

. Eating strawberry on fire can reduce fire quickly. It has the effect of removing heat, antipyretic and trouble. It has significant effect on removing liver fire and heart fire. It can relieve sore throat and cough caused by fire.

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