What fruit to eat on fire in winter?

What fruit to eat on fire in winter?

what fruit to eat in winter?

the climate is cold and dry in winter, and the human body is easy to lose water. In addition, we eat more warm food in winter, which makes it easier to catch fire. Therefore, by eating more fruits to supplement nutrition and improve human immunity, you can eat some fruits that are heat clearing and cooling in winter. Pears, persimmons, bananas, kiwifruit, grapefruit, grapes and sugarcane all have this effect. Eating more fruits that moisten the throat to remove dryness and generate fluid to quench thirst is conducive to removing heat and dryness. So what fruit to eat in winter? The following is a brief introduction to & lt; Firefighters;, Let you not be afraid of fire in winter.

1, eat fruit to remove fire in winter: pear to produce fluid and moisten dryness

pear: to produce fluid, moisten dryness, clear away heat, and remove phlegm. It is suitable for heat disease to damage fluid and thirst, diabetes, hot cough, phlegm heat convulsion, choking diaphragm, thirst aphasia, red eye swelling and pain, and indigestion. Eating pear in winter has the functions of clearing heart, moistening lung, reducing fire, generating body fluid, nourishing kidney and tonifying Yin. Secondly, it has the functions of moistening lung, eliminating phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying.

2, eat fruit to remove heat in winter: banana to clear away heat and quench thirst

it is generally believed that eating banana is the best way to reduce heat. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that banana is sweet, cold, slightly astringent, non-toxic, and has the functions of clearing away heat and quench thirst, clearing stomach and cooling blood, moistening intestines and defecating, reducing blood pressure and diuresis. For thirsty, constipation and other Yin deficiency intestinal dryness or blood heat qi stagnation is particularly good. If people with deficiency of spleen and stomach elements and deficiency of Yang Qi eat banana, it will be counterproductive and make deficiency fire more vigorous.

3, eat fruit to remove fire in winter: orange is rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, citric acid and so on. It has the functions of producing body fluid and relieving thirst, promoting qi and resolving phlegm, strengthening spleen and warming stomach, relieving greasy, eliminating accumulated food, clearing intestines and defecating, removing fire and dryness, sobering up, etc, Reduce blood cholesterol, and promote the body’s ability to absorb drugs.

4, eat fruit to get rid of fire in winter: Bambusa antipyretic cool

, commonly known as & quot; The queen of fruits;, It is cold and cool in nature, and has the effect of antipyretic and cooling. It can dissolve fat, moisten skin and reduce fire. After eating the tonic durian, eating mangosteen has the effect of clearing heat. Moreover, mangosteen pulp is rich in dietary fiber, sugar, vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other mineral elements, which has a certain effect on skin beauty.

5, eat fruit to remove fire in winter: Apple moistens lung and spleen

apple is rich in sugar and potassium, with the effect of producing body fluid to quench thirst, moistening lung and spleen, nourishing heart and Qi, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate stomach, treat constipation, help digestion, and can maintain the stability of blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, prevent gallstones.

tips: in winter, you can eat some fruits that can clear away heat, remove fire and cool. Pears, persimmons, bananas, kiwifruit, grapefruit, grapes, sugar cane and so on all have this effect. Especially pears have the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, generating fluid and moistening dryness, clearing heart and reducing fire. It has good moistening effect on lung, bronchus and upper respiratory tract. It can also help digestion, promote appetite, and has good antipyretic and diuretic effect.

good food for moistening dryness and reducing fire in winter

lung clearing dish: radish can be eaten twice. Most respected radish, favorite cheap, green, spicy Weiqing radish. If you can’t remember which kind of radish is the best, go to the vegetable market to buy the cheapest radish. Weiqing radish can often buy a pile for two yuan. Weiqing radish can relieve constipation, warm the stomach, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and add some special flavor when eating Geda soup. The arm thick white radish suits two to eat, can slice when the fruit, also may add the rock sugar on the pot steaming to eat. Eat radish every week, smooth Qi, moisten lung, defecate.

fire soup: wax gourd with laver. Many families love to make tomato and cucumber slice soup. In fact, the best soup in winter is wax gourd soup. Remember to add shrimps and laver, which come from the sea. It’s good to supplement calcium and reduce fire. When it comes to eating pears, many people are very tangled. They have diarrhea in the middle of a pear. For people with deficiency cold in spleen and stomach, the best way is rock sugar pear water, which can not only protect gastrointestinal tract, but also reduce fire.

runzaofang: sesame oil for external use and internal use. When it comes to heating, the nasal cavity is dry, especially those who come from the south to the north on business. At this time, you can use eye drops to bottle some sesame oil. Before getting off the plane, squeeze a little sesame oil from the small bottle to the cotton swab, and apply a little sesame oil in the nasal cavity from the inside to the outside to ensure the comfort of the nasal cavity. If you feel dry after getting up every day, you can also swallow 10 ml sesame oil before going to bed, so that the sesame oil can be coated in the throat. If you want to make your jaw comfortable, take a small spoonful of sesame oil and lie down to swallow it.

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