What fruits should we eat in different periods?

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What fruits should we eat in different periods?

which fruits should be eaten in different periods?

for a long time, people always have doubts about the time of eating fruit. Is it better in the morning or in the evening? Fruit can supplement water and vitamins needed by the body, but if you don’t choose a good time to eat, it’s like eating for nothing.

fruits suitable for eating in the morning: apples, pears, grapes

eating fruits in the morning can help digestion and absorption, is conducive to defecation, and the sweet and sour taste of fruits can make people feel refreshed all day. After a night’s rest, human gastrointestinal function is still activated, and digestive function is not strong. Therefore, the acidity is not too strong, astringent is not too strong fruit, such as apples, pears, grapes, etc. is very suitable.

fruits that can’t be eaten before meals: Virgin fruit, orange, hawthorn, banana, persimmon

some fruits can’t be eaten on an empty stomach before meals, such as virgin fruit, orange, hawthorn, banana, etc. Cherry fruit contains soluble astringent, if you eat it on an empty stomach, it will combine with gastric acid and increase the pressure in the stomach, causing pain. Oranges contain a lot of organic acids, which are easy to produce stomach distension and acid when eaten on an empty stomach. Hawthorn taste sour, fasting food will stomachache. The content of potassium and magnesium in banana is high. If you eat banana on an empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the blood will increase and the cardiovascular system will be inhibited. So friends who want to lose weight with bananas must pay attention to it. They can’t be greedy to lose weight but damage their health. Persimmon has the effect of convergence, encounter gastric acid will form persimmon stone, can not be digested, can not be discharged, fasting after eating a lot, will appear nausea and vomiting and other symptoms.

fruits suitable for eating after meals: pineapple, papaya, kiwi fruit, orange, hawthorn

bromelain in pineapple can help digest protein, supplement the deficiency of digestive enzymes in human body, and enhance digestive function. Li Shizhen also affirmed in compendium of Materia Medica that pineapple can strengthen spleen and stomach and strengthen vitality. After eating pineapple, can appetizer smooth gas, solution greasy, help digestion.

papaya enzymes in papaya can help human body decompose meat protein. Eating a small amount of papaya after meals can prevent gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis and dyspepsia. Kiwi fruit, orange and hawthorn are rich in organic acids, which can increase digestive enzyme activity, promote fat decomposition and help digestion.

can menstrual period eat fruit?

many people think that they can’t eat cold food during menstruation, and fruits are excluded. This is not the case. You can eat fruits during menstruation, but you should choose to eat them, but you’d better not eat watermelon, pear and other cool fruits. Apple, cherry, jujube, pomegranate and durian; Gentle temperament & quot; Fruit is edible, not only can supplement water, but also can supplement vitamins and minerals, relieve menstrual poor appetite, waist acid, fatigue and other symptoms.

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