What happens when you eat too much oil? Nutritionist

pointed out that many people are eating the wrong oil now. It is harmful to eat more oil, but it is not healthy to eat less oil without oil. As an old saying goes, “more oil is not bad for vegetables”. When people fry vegetables, they often think that more oil is better. But now more and more people realize that eating more oil may lead to three higher problems, And not only will it cause this problem, but eating too much will also cause many other hazards.

misunderstanding 1: the oil temperature is too high

when cooking, some people like high temperature stir fry, every time when cooking, they habitually wait until the oil in the pot smokes before putting food, experts remind, this is extremely unscientific. If the temperature is too high, some nutrients contained in edible oil will be destroyed, and some peroxides and carcinogens will be produced.


when cooking, it’s best to heat the pot first and then put oil. In this way, you can not only achieve the effect of hot oil, but also achieve the effect of frying, killing two birds with one stone. The use of

oil is also very important. It’s better not to let the oil “smoke” when cooking. If you don’t cook properly, the best oil will be bad.

mistake 2: only eat vegetable oil, not animal oil!

in order to prevent the three high problems and obesity, many people often use vegetable oil in the same way when cooking, and resolutely put an end to the incorporation of animal oil.

experts remind:

if you do not eat animal oil for a long time, it will cause the lack of vitamins and essential fatty acids in the body, affecting human health. It’s not that eating only vegetable oil and not animal oil is good for your health. In fact, animal oil (saturated fatty acids) is good for your health at a certain dose.

misunderstanding 3: the type of oil is too single

for convenience and health, many families usually eat only one kind of oil for a long time, thinking that this can be conducive to the health of the body.

so you’d better not eat too much oil at ordinary times. In addition, it’s suggested that you can choose olive oil as food. The cholesterol in olive oil is relatively low, and regular eating of olive oil can also help you maintain good health and prolong your life. If you have three highs, it’s suggested that you should not eat olive oil as much as possible.

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