What harm does food scald have?

What harm does food scald have?

Chinese diet has always been inseparable from & lt; Heat & quot; Word

from steaming noodles, to hot stuffing dumplings, and hot pot, the Chinese diet has always been inseparable from & lt; Heat & quot; This is the word. This is because the quality of human body in Asia is relatively weak. Eating hot food can provide more energy for the body and help people keep warm. In contrast, people in Europe and the United States and other places are stronger, and they usually eat more calories of the food itself, so they have no special requirements for food temperature, so they have more cold food in their diet.

“ Of course, there is another reason why Chinese people like to eat hot food. Many foods need temperature to taste delicious; Inspire & quot;, The taste and sense of smell of Chinese people have already adapted to the taste stimulated by temperature, so hot food has become a constant eating habit of Chinese people for thousands of years& rdquo; Experts said.

despite this, there are more and more studies showing that food overheating is closely related to a variety of digestive tract diseases such as esophageal cancer. This is because the human esophageal wall is composed of mucous membrane, which is very delicate and can only tolerate 50 & mdash; 60 ℃ food, over this temperature, the esophageal mucosa will be scalded. The hot food temperature is 70 & mdash; About 80 ℃, like freshly brewed tea, the temperature can reach 80 & mdash; It is easy to burn the esophageal wall at 90 ℃. If you often eat hot food, mucosal damage has not been repaired and scalded, can form superficial ulcer. Repeated burns, repair, will cause changes in mucosal quality, further development into tumors.

mucosa angry, the consequences are very serious,

due to not enough attention of the host, the poor mucosa also suffered day after day. In such a vicious circle, the mucosa is receiving more and more serious burn stimulation, which will gradually lead to oral ulcer, esophageal ulcer and esophagitis.

in addition to the esophagus, gingival opinion is also very big: food is too hot, gingival will be scalded. But there’s no time to repair it. Another batch of hot food has been imported. In the long run, the gums will protest with ulcers. Long term hot food can also cause dentin hypersensitivity, causing allergic toothache.

everyone has the experience of eating hot food carelessly. When they don’t want to vomit, they usually make the food pour quickly in their mouth and swallow it whole. And people who love hot food are like this every meal. This will make the food enter the stomach before fully chewing and mixing with saliva in the mouth, which will increase the burden on the stomach and affect the digestion and absorption of food. And these hot food also can let ulcer, inflammation, encamp in esophagus.

but the esophagus doesn’t want to be broken all day long, so it has to be repaired continuously. In such a time of injury & mdash& mdash; Hyperplasia & mdash& mdash; In the process of repair, the proliferative cells will gradually produce some bad molecules, that is, abnormal morphology and function; Heteromorphism & quot; Cells. When there are more abnormal cells, malignant transformation occurs. Cancer will appear on the surface of esophageal mucosal epithelium. With the continuous growth of cancer tissue, cancer invades the space of esophagus more and more. Many patients have difficulty swallowing or foreign body sensation before they go to the hospital for treatment. At this time, when they have an examination, they have to be careful! Esophagus tumor, do an operation!

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