What if the bag is dirty? Life tips for girls

What if the bag is dirty?

tips on life for girls.

, about girls’ life tips, no matter where the shoes are rubbed on your feet, you can spread a little Baijiu on the feet of your shoes to ensure that they do not wear.

2. After washing your face, rub your fingers with some fine salt on both sides of your nose, and then rinse with clean water. Blackheads and acne will be removed, and pores will become smaller;

3. If there is a stain or dirt on the bag, you can use cotton dipped in essential balm to wipe it;

4. If there is a small area of skin damage or burn, scald, apply a little toothpaste to stop bleeding and relieve pain immediately, and prevent infection;

5. When you go out, always bring a small dry battery in your bag. If your skirt has static electricity, wipe the positive pole of the battery on the skirt to remove the static electricity;

6. Jeans will fade after wearing for a long time. You can put the newly bought jeans into the concentrated salt water for 12 hours, and then wash them with clean water, so that they won’t fade when they are washed again;

7, zipper maintenance: zipper can not pull too fast, too hard; Don’t collapse too tightly; Keep dry to prevent contact with acid and alkali; Zipper astringent, you can apply some wax, gently pull a few times, you can;

8, tofu can be used for beauty. After getting up every morning, put a piece of tofu in the palm of your hand to rub your face for a few minutes. After a month, your face will become white, tender and moist.

9, white vest wear for a long time will appear black spot, can take fresh ginger 2 two mash, put in the pot add 1 jin water boil, a little cool into the washing basin, soak white vest for 10 minutes, and then repeatedly rub several times, black spot can be eliminated;

10. When you are very thirsty and there is no cold boiled water at home, you can soak the cup with hot water in cold water, and then sprinkle a handful of salt in cold water, which can speed up the cooling of boiled water;

11, remove the wrinkles on the tie. A wrinkled tie can be smooth and beautiful without ironing. As long as the tie is rolled on the beer bottle, the original wrinkles will be eliminated when it is reused the next day; Eating mutton helps keep fit. Mutton is an ideal source of carnitine, which is similar to amino acids and can help cells; Burn & quot; Lose excess body fat;

13. When encountering thunderstorm on the journey, never avoid under boulders, cliffs and mountain openings. When electric current passes through these places, electric arc will be generated, and the shelter will be injured. If the cave is deep, you can hide in it;

14. For those with rough skin, you can mix vinegar with glycerin in a ratio of 5:1 and apply it on the face. If you insist on it every day, it will make the skin tender. Add a spoonful of vinegar to wash your face, which also has beauty effect;

15. Drying clothes should not be twisted too dry, but should be dried with water, and the placket, collar and sleeve of the clothes should be leveled by hand, so that the dry clothes will remain flat without wrinkles;

16. Key to drying clothes: clothes should not be exposed to the sun, but should be dried in a cool and ventilated place until it is half dry, and then dried in weak sunlight to protect the color and wearing life of clothes;

17, two methods of anti fading clothing: when washing dark cotton fabric, add appropriate amount of vinegar to prevent its fading, and luster as new; When the newly bought colored cloth is put into water for the first time, it can be prevented from fading by soaking it in salt for ten minutes.

18. When there is wound bleeding on the body, you can immediately sprinkle some white sugar on the wound, because white sugar can reduce the local moisture of the wound, inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, and help the wound to heal;

19. When you put on makeup, put the wet cosmetics into the fridge first. After a few minutes, cool the sponge on the skin with good foundation. You will feel that the skin is extra cool and the make-up is very fresh.

20. Experts suggest eating red pepper, carrot, tomato, onion, hawthorn and other red food in winter to prevent colds; Drinking a cup of yogurt and a bowl of chicken soup every day can also prevent colds;

21, the small skills of drawing Eyeliner: to draw a pair of meticulous eyeliner, you can fix your elbows on the table first, then put a small mirror flat, so that you can look at the mirror with your eyes down, and you can rest assured that you can draw the eyeliner.

22. Towel scientific disinfection method: first boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soap, then wash it with clean water, finally fold the towel and put it into the microwave oven for 5 minutes;

23, excessive dandruff can be improved by diet, eat alkaline food such as fruits, vegetables, honey, etc; Eat more foods containing vitamin B2 and B6, such as animal liver, kidney, heart, milk, egg yolk, wheat germ, etc;

24, 9 kinds of food that make you smile: celery, cheese, green tea, onion, mushroom, mustard, sugar free gum, mint, water; Eating these foods often can eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay;

25. The pillow should be elastic to a certain extent, but it is not good if it is too strong. The head is constantly subject to the external elastic effect, which is easy to cause muscle fatigue and injury. Such as spring pillow, air pillow, etc., are not conducive to health pillow;

26. Be careful in winter; Low heat burns;. The water temperature in the hot water bag should not be too hot, and the thermal surface should not be directly close to the skin. Diabetics or peripheral sensory nerve retardation and infants and young children are advised not to use hot water bags to warm themselves.

27, reduce computer injury strategy: after working for 1 hour, you should rest for about 10 minutes. The indoor light should be appropriate, and keep ventilated and dry, pay attention to the correct operation posture, and keep the skin clean.

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