What if the fishbone gets stuck in the throat?

many people have fishbone stuck in the throat when they eat fish. Now, it’s also because they are too anxious when they eat fish. After such a problem occurs, it needs to be improved in time. Otherwise, it will have a greater impact on the throat. What about fishbone stuck in the throat, There are also some solutions, but in the choice of methods, are not optional.

when the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, we can’t be too anxious. We should improve it slowly, so that the problem can be alleviated. So what should we do when the fishbone gets stuck in the throat? Here are the solutions in detail.

what to do if the fishbone gets stuck in the throat: 6667

1. Make the patient open his mouth, press the tongue gently with chopsticks or spoon handle, expose the base of the tongue, and use a flashlight to see if there are fishbone and other foreign bodies. If sometimes, forceps can be used to clip out the foreign body.

2. If the patient feels that the fishbone is stuck around the epiglottis or in the esophagus, and it is difficult to take out, let the patient contain some vinegar, swallow it slowly, or use the Chinese medicine Wumei (enucleation) dipped in sugar, or use the Chinese medicine Clematis 30g, add two bowls of water, decoct it into medicine, swallow it slowly within 30 minutes, two doses a day, generally take 1-4 doses, the fishbone can soften and recover.

if convenient, it is best to seek medical treatment. As for the folk, some people are used to swallowing rice balls or vegetable balls in big mouthfuls in an attempt to press fish bones into their stomach. Sometimes, this method is counterproductive. It may aggravate the local tissue damage, or cause esophageal perforation, which may damage the large blood vessels and cause massive hemorrhage.

remember: do not swallow rice balls or drink vinegar when your child has a fishbone stuck in the throat, so as not to make the situation more complicated. Because swallowing rice balls and steamed bread will push the exposed fishbone into the deep part of the tissue, increasing the difficulty of discovery and removal. Drinking vinegar not only can not immediately soften the fishbone, but also the acidity of vinegar will stimulate the wound, making the injured part expand and deepen.

through the above introduction, the fishbone stuck to the throat how to do, the above are very good solutions, but it should be noted that in the choice of these methods, are not optional, otherwise there are some damage to their own health, especially when the fishbone out, pay attention not to over exert.

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