What if the glass can’t be opened? What to do if the bottle cap doesn’t open?

use a stainless steel spoon to gently pry the edge of the bottle cap. When you pry it open a little, there will be gas coming in. You can easily open the bottle.

what to do if the glass can can’t be opened? What to do if the bottle cap doesn’t open?

how to open can lid

can is believed to be the favorite of most people, but it is not so easy to eat it. Opening can lid is a hard work, so how to open can lid easily?

1. First of all, we select about 25-30cm tape.

2, and then stick the tape to the bottle cap of the can head bottle, and stick it anticlockwise (be careful not to stick the glass bottle together).

3. When it’s about half glued, fold the tape in half to make a handle.

4. Then hold the top edge of the glass bottle with your left hand, and hold the handle with your right hand.

5. The can was easily opened.

can not open how to do

can not open how to do? The jar is made of glass and can’t be pried with tools. Of course, you can’t break the bottle!

tool treasure chest: a can, a water basin, boiling water, a pair of insulated gloves.

1. Carefully pour half boiling water into the basin; Put the lid part of the can in boiling water for half a minute, and then take it out; Put on heat-insulating gloves, and then lift the cap up with your hand. It’s easy to open the bottle.

2. Wash and dry your hands with clean water to remove sweat or oil from your palms. The palms will not slip and the resistance to rotation will increase. Hold the can cap upside down with your left hand, make the bottom of the can face up, and pat it three times with the palm of your right hand. Make the can mouth face up, fix the bottle with the right hand, and twist the lid with the left hand; PA & quot;! The lid is open.

can not open how to do

want to eat cans, tin can not open how to do?

1. Look, there is a little more iron on the tin, like the cigarette is not opened. You point the leaking iron at the iron key hole, and then turn the key to open it. It’s just like opening the packaging film of cigarettes. It’s only metal. You need to use the key cow

2 and buy a Swiss Army knife. There’s a special tool for opening this kind of can on it. It can be imitated, but it’s not so sharp. Generally, there should be a tool with the can like a key. There’s a protruding strip on the can, which can be easily opened with that tool.

3. When there is no tool, you can grind the bottom of the can directly on the ground. After grinding off the flanging, it is easy to open it. It’s very simple. Take the kitchen knife, turn it up, use the knife at the lower end, knock it out little by little along the circle, and be a little patient. It would be better if there was a special tool for opening cans.

4. On the side of the can, pry up the protruding part first, and then roll it up with the special tool on the box. Find a short piece of tin that is easy to be tilted on the can, put the tin through the small hole on the key to open the can, and then roll it along the grain.

5. Put it flat on the ground and push it back and forth. After a few times, it can be worn through. After a circle of grinding, the layer of wrapping can be worn off or broken. Then you can find a hard object to pry the cover of one side of the can, and then knock it again, and the whole can will come out without damaging the shape at all.

6. Smash it flat on the ground. After a few strokes, the curl will open. Then find a hard object and gently pry it around to pry open the whole lid of the can. Then knock it again and the whole can will come out. Of course, the shape will be a little damaged.

bottle cap can’t open how to do

there are condiment bottles in the kitchen, beverage bottles in the refrigerator, pickle bottles on the table. Especially those glass bottles with metal caps, the hand is slippery, the cap is also slippery, just see the competition, is not open. Here are three ways to open the bottle cap.

cap spinner

method: choose the right type of cap spinner according to the size of the cap, and put the serrated part on the cap. Turn it by hand.

note: with this small tool, because the rubber can increase the friction, the bottle cap is easier to open. In the same way, if the rubber gloves used for washing dishes at home are worn to open bottles, they are also easy to use.

hot water immersion:

in case of a bottle that is difficult to pry with a spoon, try pouring boiling water into the bowl, immersing the bottle mouth for a few seconds, and then twisting it open. Usually, the bottle can be easily opened by the principle of heat expansion.

spoon gently prying bottle cap

principle: some large seasoning bottles are not easy to open even with bottle opener, which requires a little external force.

method: use a stainless steel spoon to gently pry the edge of the bottle cap, pry it open a little, and gas will enter when you are young, so you can easily open the bottle.

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