What if the lock is rusty?

the surface of steel is plated with a layer of metal that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metal surfaces can form a layer of dense oxide film, so as to prevent iron products from rusting due to contact with water, air and other substances.

What if the lock is rusty? Life rust and rust

lock rust how to do

lock rust is mostly after rain or contact with water, not timely drying or wipe dry caused, the following describes some common practices.

clean the lock surface with dry cloth.

drip soybean oil, sewing machine oil or sesame oil into the keyhole. At the same time, dip the key with a few drops of oil, insert it into the keyhole and slowly move it back and forth several times. If you feel smooth, you can open it by turning the key again.

after the lock is opened, timely use a few drops of oil, wipe it with dry cloth, and maintain it. If you want insurance, you should replace the lock in time. Because this method is not to try everything.

if there is no oil temporarily, it can be replaced by soap or debris of pencil lead, but the effect is slightly poor.

pour some kerosene into the lock hole, because it has the function of dissolving rust. There is also a kind of rust holding agent, which is the same extrusion spray (with a small tube, in order to avoid scattering) of canned and anti mosquito Bipu. Spray it into the lock hole. After dissolving rust, drop it out and then put some pencil foam into it, and it will be as good as before.

be very careful when handling rusty articles. If you accidentally touch the clothes, you can use lemon to remove them: squeeze fresh lemon juice, drop a few drops of lemon juice on the rust stains, rub them with your hands, and repeat for several times until the rust stains are removed, and then wash them with soapy water. Or you can use vinegar cleaning (transparent vinegar, not colored vinegar, easy to pollute clothes): if you are worried that vinegar will make clothes fade, you can dilute the vinegar properly first. This method is not suitable for too bright clothes. The vinegar drops on the rust stains, slowly scrub, and finally rinse with soapy water.

door lock maintenance

door lock, which is a high load operation part, has a long service life, and it is inevitable that there will be a little failure. Often found that some users and friends, the door lock damage is often caused by improper use or maintenance. Some matters needing attention in door lock maintenance:

do not twist the key to open the door

sometimes, due to the gravity of the door leaf itself or the loose leaf of the door, the door leaf sinks and the locking or opening is not smooth. At this time, it is often very difficult to open and lock the door with the key. At this time, don’t twist the key to avoid breaking the key and adding trouble.

correct solution: you should check the reason first. If the loose leaf causes the door leaf to sink, the loose leaf should be fixed tightly with screws. If the door frame is deformed or irrecoverable due to its reasons, start from the door frame and expand the lock tongue accordingly. In this way, the door lock can be opened and closed normally.

don’t use lubricant casually

some friends often like to drop some lubricating oil into the lock hole when the door lock is astringent or tight. In this way, the whole body of the door lock may be smooth immediately, but because the oil is easy to stick to dust, it is easy to accumulate dust in the lock hole in the future and form oil putty, This makes the door lock more prone to failure.

correct solution: sharpen some pencil fragments or some candle fragments, blow them into the lock cylinder through a small tube, then insert the key and turn it repeatedly for several times.

rust removal methods for other articles

in daily life, not only locks but also many articles often rust. Here are some other ways to remove rust.


1, less cover car clothes. When the weather is windy and rainy, if the car is parked outside, the interior of the car’s clothing will repeatedly draw paint and draw numerous small scratches on the car body. If there is sand blown into the car’s clothing, the number of scratches is more. Over time, it will make the paint black. In addition, do not use a duster or rag to clean the sand on the car body directly after sand blowing. Wash the car body with clean water to prevent the sand on the duster and rag from scratching the paint surface;

2, apply toothpaste to prevent rust. When there are scratches on the vehicle, use ordinary toothpaste to deal with the scratches. The method is as follows: gently smear the toothpaste on the scratch. After rain or car washing, apply it again. In general, it can reduce the scratch mark, but also play the role of isolation and rust, which is no problem in the short term;

3, sealing glaze for soft paint surface of automobile. In the process of high-speed driving, some vehicles with soft paint are hit on the body by sand particles, which may cause fine scratch. If your car is this kind of car, you should glaze the car body. It can form a strong protective film and improve the hardness of the paint. The effect can be maintained for about a year. Of course, coating can achieve a similar effect. This method is widely used in the prevention of car rust.

frying pan rusty solution:

1, rusty iron pot soak in rice water for a few hours, and then clean with water. The rust on the iron pot will be cleaned up.

2. Pour 20 grams of vinegar into a hot iron pot. Brush with a hard brush while burning. Pour out the dirty vinegar and wash it with clean water.

3. Put a little salt in the pot, stir fry and wipe the pot, then brush the pot clean, put water and 1 tbsp oil into the pot, boil and pour out, and then wash the pot.

4, radish potato skin rust removal method, iron pot, knife rust, you can cut off the potato skin or radish skin with a little sand, wipe iron pot, knife face, you can easily remove rust.

rust removal and rust prevention

rust is a chemical reaction. When iron is put for a long time, it will rust. Iron is easy to rust, and water is one of the substances that make iron easy to rust. However, water alone will not make iron rust. Only when oxygen in the air dissolves in water, oxygen reacts with iron in the environment with water, it will produce something called iron oxide, which is rust. Rust is a brownish red material, it is not as hard as iron, it is easy to fall off, a piece of iron completely rusted, the volume can expand 8 times. If the rust is not removed, the spongy rust will absorb water easily, and the iron will rot faster.

to remove rust, you can shovel it off with various tools, or soak it in acidic solution to dissolve it. After removing the rust, the surface of the iron must be treated, coated with a layer of lead, and then coated with paint; Or plated with other metals that don’t rust easily. A more thorough way is to add some other metals to iron to make a stainless alloy. The stainless steel we are familiar with is an alloy made by adding a little nickel and chromium to the steel.

common methods to prevent iron from rusting are:

(1) to form an alloy to change the internal structure of iron, for example, adding chromium, nickel and other metals into ordinary steel to make stainless steel, which greatly increases the rust resistance of steel products.

(2) it is a common and important method to protect the surface of iron products from rust. According to the composition of the protective layer, it can be divided into the following categories:

a, mineral oil on the surface of iron products, paint or firing enamel, plastic spraying, etc., for example, car, bucket, etc; The machine is often coated with mineral oil, etc.

b. The surface of steel is plated with a layer of metal which is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metal surfaces can form a layer of dense oxide film, so as to prevent iron products from rusting due to contact with water, air and other substances.

c. A dense and stable oxide film is formed on the surface of iron products by chemical method to prevent iron products from rusting.

(3) keeping the surface of iron products clean and dry is also a good way to prevent iron products from rusting.

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