What if the rice is burnt? Tips in life:

What if the rice is burnt? Tips in life:

tips in life:

1. When taking ID photos, put your tongue against your chin, and you will smile naturally.

2, burping I know, a mouthful of water seven times to swallow OK, really can’t do it again, try again and again!

3, lemon juice brush teeth, not so sour, a little bit is enough, cleaning effect is explosion table. In addition to breath!! But you can’t use it all the time. Gargle well after use.

4. The gel pen broke water. Soak the tip in hot water for a while.

5. Before eating oranges, roll the oranges on the table with a little force to separate the skin and flesh of the oranges. Then make a small mouth on the navel and push the spoon into the small mouth. The arc of the oranges fits with the spoon to make the whole orange come out, and there is no juice flowing out.

6. Before cutting the cake, blanch the knife with hot water, so no cream will stick to it.

7. When you can’t pull out the toilet, take your finger or palm and pat your scalp three times. It’s the center of your head. Come out immediately. This is what my uncle taught me, bailing.

8. Put a plastic bag or fresh-keeping bag on the broom to suck away the hair on the ground.

9, oral ulceration. Before going to bed to eat five VC, sleep up nothing, try bailing!

10. I’m afraid that the personal information on the express bill will be leaked. I don’t have to tear it off or apply it with a pen. I dip the tissue paper in some water, and it’s gone when I rub it.

11. Shake the egg before you knock it. After you knock it, there will be no egg white on the eggshell.

12. When hiding private money, put a piece of paper between the money and write the surprise for TA (the other half)( It’s wonderful.)

12. If the rice is burnt, insert some scallions or garlic into the burnt rice, and then simmer for a period of time, you will not smell burnt.

13. After getting on the sheet, my aunt can clean it as new without removing it for washing: get ready to draw the paper, put a wet stack of paper towel under the stain of my aunt on the sheet, remember it’s below, and then use a dry paper towel to suck it from the sheet. After several times, the paper towel on the lower side will soon dry, and my aunt will also follow the water molecules to suck it from the sheet. prove effective every time.

14. During business trip, I often check out early the next day, which makes it difficult to dry clothes. Summer T-shirts, shirts, vests, etc. after washing, they are spread flat on the hotel bath towel or self-contained towel, rolled up and wrung dry. The dehydration effect is twice as good as that of unarmed wring.

15, the keyboard is dirty, not easy to clean up, take a paper clip straight, wrapped in double-sided adhesive tape, it is a stick ash sharp tool. No trace of dust, the keyboard is more outstanding.

16, hair less friends, you can grind black sesame powder (not ready-made black sesame paste) with hot water brewing drink, with milk (or good milk powder), help hair growth, how old are applicable oh.

17. Refrigerators often have peculiar smell. Putting a roll of paper inside can effectively eliminate the peculiar smell. You can try it.

18. When you are very thirsty and there is no cold boiled water at home, you can soak the cup with boiled water in cold water, and then sprinkle a handful of salt in the cold water. This will speed up the cooling of boiling water.

19, porridge and so on, put chopsticks across the edge of the pot to prevent overflow.

20, gum stick on clothes, put in the refrigerator, a pull down.

21, thin fiber cotton pad soaked in egg white, applied to the nose, until hard, suck from top to bottom, other areas need to go black head from the bottom up, ripped up, other mask what is simply weak.

22, two coins to a front and a back pinch row, you can open the plastic packaging, no scissors time and again.

23. When you travel abroad and are advised to play various sports, just say & lt; Follow the Group & quot; Two words, others generally will not entangle, in many cities personally test, effective.

24. Set a date for taking photos with your mobile phone. Take a picture of the locked door when you go out. When you can’t remember whether you have closed the door when you go downstairs, you can take it out and have a look. It’s for all children with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

25, tips to prevent shrinkage of sweater: when washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, wash with neutral soap or detergent, and add a little vinegar after the last water, which can effectively maintain the elasticity and luster of sweater.

26. When playing with the clip machine in the mall, after the clip is placed, don’t press the button to let it go down. You have to wait until the time is gone, it will go down automatically, and the success rate is greatly improved.

27, as like as two peas of shoes are yellow, wipe them with the water after washing them, then wrap them in toilet paper. After drying, they are exactly the same as the new ones.

28, essential balm, it’s all powerful. Mark pen can be used to erase on the plastic. The glue stains after the stickers or sticky things are torn off will be wiped off. Correction liquid is applied on the desk to erase it. It can also be used to clean the black things on the leather bag. PS: when I was a child, I had diarrhea and drank two drops of essential balm & hellip& hellip;

29. After eating hot pot or barbecue, if you don’t want to change your clothes, just go home and put them in a plastic bag, tear a small mouth and blow them with a hair dryer.

30. You have a cold and fever. If you need to cool down, pour Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid on a square napkin and apply it on your navel. After about half an hour, the fever will subside. Many people have tried it. It’s a folk prescription of traditional Chinese medicine.

31, said recently let me benefit infinite, before using the computer to do business, first turn off QQ, microblog all.

32. Before drinking, drink some water boiled by Pueraria lobata. Will you never get drunk?

33. Apply a layer of hand cream on your hands. When you use 520, it won’t stick to your hands.

34. When you have a cold, your nose doesn’t work. Rub your tailbone quickly, and you’ll be ventilated in five seconds. If you don’t work, you can call me.

35. The day after washing her hair, the girl with long hair feels a little oily, but when she doesn’t want to wash it or doesn’t want to wash it, she just needs a box of prickly heat powder, gently pat it with a powder puff at the root of her hair, and finally blow it away with a hair dryer. It’s the same as the one just washed. It works.

36, put a piece of soap in the wardrobe, the clothes that come out later are fragrant and fragrant, better than perfume.

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