What if the ring gets stuck?

What if the ring gets stuck?

ring stuck how to do?

in our life, we have all seen or experienced ring clasps. The fingers that are stuck often appear swollen, purple, or even bleeding. Maybe you have a lot of effort to take the ring off your fingers. In fact, the ring card hand does not need to panic, a few simple ways, can quickly help you take off the ring.

general method

put the index finger on the back of the finger, put the thumb on the belly of the finger, twist the ring back and forth until the ring is pulled out. Be careful not to pull hard. Your fingers will be congested and swollen, which makes it more difficult to take them off.

use lubricant

there are many things that can be used as lubricants in the home, such as soap, detergent, Vaseline, hand cream, shampoo, butter, etc., which can be applied on the fingers to help take out the ring.

cold water method

uses the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction to soak fingers in cold water for a few minutes, and then slowly take out the ring.

floss winding method

1, floss (or cotton thread) through the ring. If necessary, use a needle or toothpick to help you wear it.

2. Floss your fingers until they pass through your knuckles. Wrap it around your fingers, but not too tight or too loose.

3. Pull the floss through the ring and your ring will go out until you can take it off.

4. If the ring is only a part, please repeat the above steps from the position of your ring.

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