What if the shoes don’t follow?

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what if shoes don’t follow?

my feet are small and thin, and I can hardly hold my shoes. I always don’t follow my feet when I wear beautiful shoes. What should I do if I keep falling off? After some attempts, I found a way that I thought was not bad. Now I share it as follows:

. First, prepare two kinds of & lt; Post & quot;: My experience is that kind of thick cowhide heel sticker. The thickness depends on the distance between your heel and the heel of the shoe. I usually buy 4mm thick ones. The second is silicone heel post, but also to prepare the kind of soft, I also found on Taobao with a raised silicone heel post, this is relatively better to use.

2. Then stick the cow hide (not necessarily cow hide, as long as it’s not made of silica gel), first stick 502 glue on the heel of the shoe, and then stick silica gel on it with 502 glue. The trick to measuring the thickness is that when you put your feet on high heels, the top of the heel is just where there is a groove in your heel. In this way, it won’t fall off. In fact, the principle is the same. Most of the heels of shoes don’t fit well in the groove, resulting in the heel failure of your shoes. So what you have to do is to increase the thickness of that part, so that it can just be stuck thereļ¼ˆ PS, I haven’t worn any big shoes. It’s not in the “no fit” I’m talking about

must also be a very strong glue such as 502 glue, because I haven’t found a sticky one that won’t fall off since I bought all kinds of post-processing posts on Taobao.

3. Try it on!

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