What if the toilet is dirty? How to clean the toilet dirt

the toilet is a channel for excreting dirt, and it is also something we must use every day. If you don’t do a good job of cleaning at ordinary times, it is likely to become the culprit threatening your health. Many people think that cleaning the toilet is a very difficult thing. In fact, it is learned.

What if the toilet is dirty? How to clean the toilet dirt

introduce several methods to remove the toilet dirt skillfully: 6667

1, vinegar descaling method

mix a cup or 250ml of white vinegar with a little soda powder, pour it into the toilet, wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe the stains with a long handle brush, and then rinse with water. Pour a can of coke into the toilet and flush it out after an hour. The citric acid in the coke will remove the stains on the ceramic glaze.

3, homemade nylon brush to brush the Yellow dirt formed on the edge of toilet

, the waste nylon socks can be tied to one end of the stick, dipped in foaming detergent, and cleaned once a month to keep the toilet clean.

4, sandpaper descaling method

use the finest sandpaper to rub the toilet dirt, which can remove the dirt that cannot be removed by detergent. Remove dirt with baking soda.

6, bleaching powder solution descaling method

first wipe with bleaching powder solution, and then rinse with water after a while.

8, detergent descaling

first put an appropriate amount of water into the toilet, clean it with a toilet brush, then pour in 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, apply it evenly with a brush, and then brush. If the dirt is heavy, you can pour a little more detergent to soak and brush until it is clean. Hydrochloric acid has strong corrosiveness. If you use hydrochloric acid to clean, you should pay attention to safety and not splash on the skin.

9, purchase toilet small placard

when purchasing toilet, try to choose the one that can form swirling water flow. By using the principle of water vortex, the dirt can be quickly discharged when the water volume is relatively small, which can save water.

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