What if the toilet is dirty? How to clean the toilet

the toilet is a channel for excreting dirt, and it is also a sanitary ware that we must use every day. Every time we clean the toilet, it is a sanitary dead corner, and the toilet is also a place where bacteria breed. If you don’t do a good job in daily cleaning, it is likely to become the culprit threatening your health. Many people think that cleaning the toilet is a very difficult thing. It’s not expensive to teach you a few life tips, but it can play a very good effect.

What if the toilet is dirty? How to clean the toilet just clean tips

cleaning toilet clean practical tips

1, do a good job in daily cleaning, sterilization and descaling work .

sitting circle can be spread with napkin, and then sprayed with lemonade. After covering for a period of time, it can be washed and dried, which can effectively remove bacteria.

finally, put a free automatic toilet cleaner in the water tank, and do a good job in daily cleaning, sterilization and descaling. To prevent bacteria, you can wear rubber gloves to clean the toilet. Cleaning method of

2, slightly dirty toilet

for not too dirty toilet, toilet paper can be spread on the inner wall of the toilet one by one, and then spray detergent or drink coke, let it stand for one hour, then rinse it with water, and finally brush it gently. This method not only does not need to scrub, but also has excellent cleaning effect.

3, vinegar descaling

pour the mixture of vinegar and water into the toilet. After soaking for half a day, the scale will brush off.

after washing the toilet, spray the white vinegar on the inside of the toilet, keep it for a few hours, and then flush it with water, which can have the effect of disinfection and deodorization.

4, sodium bicarbonate descaling

sprinkle 1 / 2 cup sodium bicarbonate in the toilet, and then use hot water for half an hour to remove light dirt.

use baking soda to clean the toilet before it has stubborn yellow rust. Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the toilet for 10 minutes, then clean with a toilet brush.

has formed stubborn stains, it can be used with vinegar solution, fully soaked and cleaned with a brush. Easy to be ignored outside the toilet base, can also use the same method after cleaning with cloth dry.

remove the stubborn stains on the toilet, which can be wiped off with a fine steel ball dipped in baking soda.

5、“ Cola & quot; It’s also a toilet cleaner

. It’s a pity to pour the leftover coke out. You can pour it into the toilet and soak it for about an hour. Generally, the dirt can be removed. If the removal is not complete, you can further brush it out with a brush.

the citric acid of Cola will remove the stains on the glassy ceramic like ware.

6, magic shampoo

many people are afraid that hydrochloric acid and other toilet detergent will hurt children, so they dare not let children learn to clean the toilet. In fact, most of the toilet detergents on the market are neutral; If you are not at ease, in fact, shampoo is enough to clean the dirty toilet. In this way, parents can let children learn to do clean housework.

the use method is the same as the general toilet washing method. Shampoo and dry will produce foam after mixing, and the scour of the fragrant children will also be very good.

7, detergent descaling

for the Yellow dirt formed on the edge of the toilet, the waste nylon socks can be tied to one end of the stick, dipped in foaming detergent, and cleaned once a month to keep the toilet clean.

the specific method is as follows: first put an appropriate amount of water into the toilet, clean it with a toilet brush, then pour in 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid, and brush it evenly with a brush. If the dirt is heavy, you can pour a little more detergent to soak and brush until it is clean.

8, use xiejingling for descaling

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