What if there is a smell in the shoe cabinet? How to remove the odor in the shoe cabinet

the odor on the shoes and socks becomes more obvious after wearing for a day. Because the shoes smell in the shoe cabinet, there is a bad smell in the shoe cabinet. Some life tips can easily remove these odors

preparation materials: camphor pill, white vinegar, soap

1, use camphor pill to remove shoe odor

take a piece of hard paper, wrap camphor pill, find a tool to crush it, sprinkle camphor pill powder evenly in shoes, put insole on it, a pair of shoes only need about one camphor pill. In this way, the inside of the shoes will stay dry and the smell will disappear<

2, use white vinegar to remove the odor of socks

socks are also easy to smell. Pour a little white vinegar into the water for washing socks, soak for a while, and then wash with clean water, which can not only remove the odor, but also play the role of sterilization<

3, use soap to remove the odor in the shoe cabinet

the odor in the shoe cabinet is also well solved. As long as you put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe cabinet. Open the shoe cabinet and smell good

tips : camphor pills can not directly contact with feet. With camphor powder foam shoes do not need to sun every day, inside the camphor ball as long as every other week to change it. Camphor pill can play a very good antibacterial effect, can kill a large number of bacteria because of humidity and reproduction, so there will be no odor.

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