What is clear flour?

this kind of food is very strange to all of us. In fact, if we don’t know much about this kind of food, we may not use it in food production. Therefore, before we want to apply this kind of food, we need to know the specific definition of clear flour. So what is clear flour? Now let’s talk about it. The so-called Chengfen (Chengfen), also known as wheat chengmian, is a kind of flour that is processed with flour to wash the gluten, and then the washed water flour is precipitated to dry the water, and then the precipitated flour is dried in the sun.

2. Characteristics of Chengfen: white color, smooth face, translucent and crisp pastry, smooth entrance of steamed products, crisp fried products. Generally, they are sold in supermarkets, or in food stores and flour shops. At present, it is only limited to Guangdong. The powder is soft, little extensible and plastic. By using its characteristics, snack makers have made many kinds of exquisite snacks, such as Longzhu dumplings, Fengyan dumplings and Baihua dumplings.

3. Guangdong shrimp dumplings are made of cooked noodles (also known as Chengfen) as skin, fresh shrimp meat, pork paste and tender bamboo shoots as stuffing, wrapped into dumpling shape and steamed. Its shape is like curved comb, so it is also called curved comb dumpling. The skin of shrimp dumplings is soft, white, crystal clear, soft, tough and cool, and the stuffing is indistinct; Stuffing heart delicious, exquisite shape, delicious, known as the “three unique” by peers in other provinces.

raw materials: 450 grams of Chengfen, 50 grams of starch, 125 grams of shrimp, 125 grams of dried bamboo shoots, 90 grams of lard, salt monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil and pepper.

method: ① mix the Chengfen and starch with salt, stir with boiling water, cover and simmer for 5 minutes, take them out and rub them thoroughly, then add lard and knead them into a ball, and wait for use;

(2) wash the raw shrimp, absorb the water, chop it with the back of a knife and put it into a basin; Cut cooked shrimp into small pieces; Pig fat with boiling water slightly hot, soaked in cold water, cut into small pieces; Dry bamboo shoots, rinse with water, add lard and pepper, mix well; Add some salt in the shrimp paste, stir hard, put in the cooked shrimp meat, fat meat, onion, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, etc. mix well, and freeze in the refrigerator; Remove the embryo of the dough, make the skin, wrap it in the shrimp pit, and shape it into dumplings. Steam it in the fire cage or fry it in the oil pan.

through the above knowledge, we need to make more use of clear flour, so we must make delicious food. Many people eat some delicious food in their lives. If we want to eat these delicious food at home, we need to know how to stop these foods. Finally, I hope everyone can eat delicious food!

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