What is cold water fish? The most delicious cold water fish is

What is cold water fish? Cold water fish is the most delicious

what is cold water fish?

at the annual Chagan Lake ice snow fishing and hunting Cultural Tourism Festival, the fat head fish fished from the ice below minus 10 degrees centigrade is delicious and pure, and the meat is delicate and mouth watering. In recent years, cold water fish such as cod, salmon, sturgeon and trout are regarded as the most delicious fish in winter, and gradually come to the table of ordinary people.

the growth rate of cold water fish is slower than that of warm water and hot water fish, and the growth cycle is about 1-2 years. Therefore, cold water fish meat is compact and tender, with high fat content and outstanding flavor. Because of its clean and sanitary growth environment, free from pollution, the meat has less earthy smell, no peculiar smell, and can highlight its fresh flavor. In addition, all kinds of minerals and amino acids in cold water fish are flavor substances, which give cold water fish sweet, fragrant and fresh taste.

cold water fish is a kind of high-quality food fish with high protein, high unsaturated fatty acid and low cholesterol. Its nutritional composition is higher than that of common freshwater fish, and it has unique health function. Long term consumption of cold water fish can not only reduce blood pressure and blood lipids, soften blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also promote children’s intellectual development and beauty. Cold water fish is suitable for people of all ages, especially the elderly and children.

cold water fish began to grow when the water temperature was low, and it just reached its growth cycle when it was fished in winter one to two years later, and the meat quality was the most delicious. There are many ways to eat cold water fish. It is suggested to mainly steam and stew. While retaining nutrition, you can also taste the taste of cold water fish.

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