What is good for health preservation at the spring equinox? Healthy eating habits at the spring equinox

many people say that the spring equinox is suitable for health preservation. What’s good to eat at the spring equinox? Healthy eating habits during the spring equinox

healthy eating habits during the spring equinox:

eat more seasonal dishes

Confucius warned us more than 2000 years ago & ldquo; From time to time, do not eat & rdquo;, In other words, I don’t eat vegetables and fruits in this season. Seasonal dishes are also & ldquo; Luck Dishes & rdquo;. First, pay attention to food & ldquo; Qi & rdquo;, First, pay attention to & ldquo; Taste & rdquo;. Because food and medicine are composed of smell, and the smell of medicine and food can get the essence of heaven and earth only when it is in season, that is, when the food grows mature and meets the solar terms.

spring vegetables include leeks for raising Yang; Bean sprouts, lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts and garlic sprouts that promote vitality; Late spring fruits that nourish the liver and lungs, such as strawberry, green plum, apricot, plum, mulberry, cherry, etc.

Holiday for intestines and stomach

people’s intestines and stomach also need to rest. When food is eaten into the stomach, in addition to the intestines and stomach, many internal organs of the human body should be busy for it, and even the brain should give way to it. First, we should ensure that Qi and blood meet the needs of the intestines and stomach. This is the reason why brain dizziness occurs after eating.

if we can have a rest day for our intestines and stomach every week, it can effectively help us expel the toxins accumulated in our body. On weekends, only eat two meals in the morning and evening, or use porridge, fruit and honey water instead of a dinner to reduce the gastrointestinal load.

nourishing the liver and detoxifying

spring should be in the liver, summer should be in the heart, long summer should be in the spleen, autumn should be in the lung, and winter should be in the kidney, so spring focuses on nourishing the liver. The purpose of nourishing the liver in spring is to coordinate the yin-yang balance of the liver. In traditional Chinese medicine, sweet food can nourish the spleen and stomach. Jujube and yam are good choices.

alcohol hurts the liver and intestines, so you should not drink in spring. Chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle and even boiled water are good drinks for spring.

spring healthy food information

the French table is always accompanied by good wine, and Cantonese have a good soup before and after dinner. The sweet fragrance and health preserving effect of soup are well known, & ldquo; True Kung Fu & rdquo; New & ldquo; Xianrun Sizhen soup & rdquo;, From the perspective of medicinal diet health preservation, the soup made of snow fungus, soybean, pig hind leg meat and chicken feet is really expensive and can drink & ldquo; Home cooked soup & rdquo; The smell of.

the health preserving effects of snow fungus and soybeans are unspoken. Chicken feet are also regarded by many people as beauty products, but you may not know that the hind leg meat of a pig is on a pig & ldquo; Most valuable & ldquo; It contains a large amount of red blood cells, rich in protein, amino acids and other nutrients, fresh and tender taste and elastic teeth. So after drinking the soup, remember to finish the soup.

don’t take busy work as a reason & ldquo; Abuse & rdquo; Your stomach, especially lunch, should be full and good. At noon, Yang Qi is full, Qi is sufficient, and the functions of the five internal organs are in the best state. It is a good time to digest and absorb nutrition. At this time, drinking soup can get twice the result with half the effort.

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