What is hair? Which foods belong to Fawu

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what is hair?

hair, refers to the food’s & lt; Hair & quot;. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the reason why food can prevent and treat diseases is determined by its own unique taste, which is the “taste” of food; Food habits;. But if you don’t understand the food habit, for some people or patients with special constitution, the food habit will induce old diseases, or aggravate the existing diseases, or weaken the drug power, which is the essence of food; Primary & quot;, It is also known as & lt; Hair & quot;.

food is rich in nutrition or irritation, especially easy to induce some diseases (especially old diseases) or aggravate the disease. Hair taboo is of great significance in diet regimen and diet treatment. In general, hair is also food. Moderate consumption will not cause side effects or discomfort to most people, but will induce the onset of some special constitution and related diseases.

generally according to its performance, it can be divided into six categories: first, like Allium macrostemon, ginger, pepper, mutton, dog meat for hot food; Second, like shrimp, crab, toon sprouts, etc. for the wind food; Third, like malt sugar, glutinous rice, mash, rice wine, etc. for wet food; Fourth, as pears, persimmons and a variety of cold products for hair accumulation food; Five for pepper, pepper and other blood food; 6. For example, potatoes, lotus rice, Euryale ferox seeds and various kinds of bean products are used as stagnant food.

which foods belong to Fawu

according to folk experience, mutton and dog meat are generally considered as Fawu, so it is not suitable for people with skin diseases or allergic constitution to eat these foods. In addition to the above hair things, there are more in life. What are the foods of hair things?

can be divided into the following categories according to its source: 6667

1, such as hairtail, yellow croaker, pomfret, mussel, shrimp, crab and other sea fishy food. Most of these foods are salty, cold and fishy. For people with allergic constitution, they are easy to induce allergic diseases, such as asthma, urticaria, and skin diseases, such as sore, swelling and poison Mushroom and other fungus food, over eating this kind of food is easy to cause wind Yang, trigger liver Yang headache, liver wind vertigo and other chronic diseases, in addition, it is also easy to induce or aggravate skin sores and swelling.

3, peaches, apricots, gingko, peanuts, mangoes, waxberry, cherries, litchi, melons and other fruit food, predecessors have pointed out that eating more peaches is easy to cause heat, carbuncle, sore, gangrene, furuncle, insect crevasse, eating more apricots can cause carbuncle and furuncle, and hurt bones and muscles.

4, bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, spinach and other vegetables, this kind of food is easy to cause skin sores.

5, rooster, chicken head, pig head meat, goose, chicken wings, chicken feet, donkey meat, Swertia, beef, mutton, dog meat, goose eggs, duck eggs and other animal food. This kind of food is active and floating, easy to move wind and Yang, trigger liver Yang headache, liver wind dizziness and other persistent diseases, in addition, it is also easy to induce or aggravate skin sores and swelling. Eggs should not be eaten more than 2 times a day, especially for patients with hepatitis, allergy, hyperlipidemia, high fever, kidney and diarrhea. The reason is that eggs contain a lot of protein, but they belong to heterosexual protein. A considerable number of people have pathological reaction after eating heterosexual protein.

besides pickled tofu, Baijiu, fermented glutinous rice, white wine, peas, Huang Dadou, tofu, tofu, silkworm chrysalis and scallion, garlic, leek and so on. Sometimes, meat, smell, smell, smell, smell and so on are all regarded as hair.

can be divided into:

hair food such as leek, ginger, pepper, mutton, dog meat, etc; Like shrimps, crabs, geese, eggs, toon sprouts and other hair wind food; Like malt sugar, glutinous rice, pork and other wet food; Like watermelon, pear, persimmon and other cold food; Like sea pepper, pepper and other blood food; Like mutton, lotus seed, Euryale ferox and other stagnant food; Konjac, taro, pickle, coriander, leek and other folk long-term practical food. According to the clinical treatment,

can be divided into six categories:

1, jilengfa. Most of them are cold, cool and beneficial, which can hurt Yang and produce cold, and affect the transportation of viscera, such as wax gourd, kidney beans, lettuce, persimmon, etc. People with weak spleen and stomach should be cautious in eating. Overeating can cause stomach deficiency, cold pain, bowel sounds and diarrhea.

2, hair aid. Most of them are sticky, fatty and greasy. Such as glutinous rice, mash, rice wine, jujube, fat meat, pasta, etc. Patients with damp heat, jaundice, dysentery and other diseases should not eat.

3. Such as soybean, Euryale ferox, lotus rice, taro, potato and so on. Most of these foods are astringent, hard and difficult to change, and should not be eaten by those who have accumulated food or pain.

4, animal and blood hair. More blood, active blood injury collaterals, forced blood spillover, such as mutton, spinach, Shaojiu, etc. Menorrhagia, subcutaneous hemorrhage, hematuria, etc.

5. Most of them have the characteristics of rising hair, dispersing Qi and heat, which can make people run away from evil and poison, such as eggplant, agaric, pig head meat, eggs, mushrooms, etc. Urticaria, eczema, stroke and other diseases should not eat.

6. It can help heat, burn fluid, such as tobacco, wine, onion, garlic, leek, brine products, fried goods, etc. People with fever, thirst and constipation should not eat it. People with high blood pressure should avoid it.

in our daily life, there are many hair products, but hair products are also food. As long as you have an appropriate amount of food, it will not produce too many side effects or cause physical discomfort. It will only play a role in inducing some special constitution and related diseases.

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