What is more beneficial to health after drinking?

for business white-collar workers, irregular meals and too many restaurants are often one of their biggest headaches. Japanese white-collar men are most known all over the world that they will go to the tavern to have a drink with their colleagues after working every day. After drinking, most people will have the idea of “want to eat something”, while Japanese men tend to eat a bowl of bone soup Ramen after drinking. What is the reason for this idea? Japanese experts explain to you, and put forward good suggestions for drinking and eating, so that you have to drink more healthy!

after drinking, you need to take the nutrients necessary to decompose alcohol

. In fact, after drinking, you want to eat, not because of the atmosphere, but because of the faithful needs of the body. This is because alcohol needs a lot of nutrients to participate in the process from entering the human body to being decomposed, and eating is the process of supplementing nutrients.

after alcohol enters the human body, it is absorbed by 20% in the stomach, and the remaining 80% is absorbed into the blood in the small intestine, and is sent to the liver through the blood, and then the alcohol is gradually decomposed by the liver. In this process, the non essential amino acids alanine, glutamic acid, vitamin B1 and zinc are indispensable and important nutrients involved in metabolism.

it can be said that a bowl of bone noodle soup with seafood contains all the nutrients needed. Pork, pork gelatin and bonito are rich in alanine, wheat protein and soybean are rich in glutamic acid, and cereals are also rich in vitamin B1. Therefore, as long as a bowl of ramen, it can supplement a lot of nutrients. If we add some oyster like shellfish food to the ramen, we can supplement mineral zinc at the same time. It can be said that a bowl of Bone Soup Seafood Ramen is a good nutritious food for drinkers.

alcohol will produce harmful substance formaldehyde in the process of decomposition, and formaldehyde is also one of the main culprits of hangover. The earlier the liver decomposes it into harmless acetic acid, water and carbon dioxide, the better. If the liver cannot decompose alcohol well during or after drinking, the body will naturally have related needs.

be careful to eat too much fat when drinking

many people may think that eating a bowl of noodles after drinking will do no harm, but it is particularly important to remind that wine itself has energy and can promote human appetite. Eating too much food after drinking will easily lead to excessive energy intake, Especially with meat bone soup ramen, it contains more energy.

and in the process of drinking, the choice of food and wine is also a “technical work”, because normal drinking does not make people feel full, so people tend to unconsciously eat too many snacks in the process of drinking, and at this time, in fact, they may not eat the nutrients beneficial to the decomposition of alcohol, but eat too much fat and salt. When eating ramen, due to the bone soup contains more fat, resulting in increased digestion time of food, the stomach may not have a good rest all night, the next day prone to bloating. Therefore, it can be said that although eating Ramen can supplement some essential nutrients, it does not mean that it has no harm.

so what should I eat when I drink? Japanese experts believe that when you start drinking, you might as well take sunflower seeds as snacks. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin. It takes about 3 hours from intake to function. Therefore, it is better to eat sunflower seeds before and during drinking, which is more conducive to the function of vitamin B1 and helps to decompose alcohol. The only thing to note is that sunflower seeds contain more oil, Therefore, the consumption of sunflower seeds can be about a handful. But sometimes, when the alcohol consumption is large, the essential nutrients may be used up quickly. Therefore, you can choose healthy dishes, such as light steamed shrimp, or cold seafood, in the process of drinking. You should not choose dishes with high fat content or unhealthy cooking methods, such as barbecue, fried food, etc., so that you can supplement the essential nutrients at the same time, Reduce the extra intake of fat and energy.

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