What is mulberry red wine?

with the improvement of our quality of life, people pay more and more attention to their health. We all know that it is much easier to prevent diseases than to treat them. Therefore, the concept of health preservation is deeply rooted now. There are many ways to keep in good health. We can keep in good health by exercise or by diet, More can use traditional Chinese medicine massage and other methods to play the effect of health.

many friends like to use medicinal wine to keep healthy. In fact, fruit wine has a good effect. We can use mulberry to make wine and make mulberry red wine with strong health effect.

mulberry wine making has a long history. The famous Chinese medicine Book Compendium of Materia Medica has mulberry “drink juice to relieve alcoholism”; Liquor making clothes, diuretic, anti-aging, in the face “records. Mulberry red wine is made from high-quality fresh mulberry from the best ecological environment by combining modern and traditional techniques. It has a natural taste, rich aroma, sweet and refreshing taste, and is more fashionable and healthy than the general Honggang with nutritional value.

mulberry is also a kind of fruit with high nutritional value and health function.

the nutritional value of mulberry wine brewed by modern brewing technology is much higher than that of grape wine. Selenium is 12.41 times higher than wine, protein is 8.44 times higher than wine, lysine is 9.23 times higher than wine, antioxidant substances are also much higher than wine.

mulberry is a hot research project of the third generation fruit in the world, with many varieties. Fresh fruits have different flavors, such as sweet and sour, low sugar, high sugar and so on; Red, pink, purple black, black, white, cyan and other colors; There are sweet fragrance, glutinous rice and sweet scented osmanthus. Orderly development can form scale and form its own fruit series. After deep processing, fruit juice, fruit wine and other drinks will become the green products among the world’s drinks.

is used for the adjuvant treatment of anemia or arthritis, rheumatic pain, neuralgia, muscle pain;

is used for the treatment of intestinal dryness, constipation, dry stool, yin deficiency, edema and adverse urination;

is used for dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, irritability, insomnia, waist and knee soreness caused by heart tonifying, liver, kidney and blood diseases;

can treat early white hair, clear away heat and improve eyesight;

can treat amenorrhea and irregular menstruation;

is suitable for elderly patients with weak body and deficiency of Qi and blood, such as dry mouth, cough, sweating, body heat, burning lips, sticky yellow phlegm, hoarseness, etc;

suitable for diabetes, lung and stomach heat, can stop, sputum, clear stomach fire, scattered wind heat;

is used to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and improve arteriosclerosis;

mulberry wine has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-cancer, enhancing immunity, promoting cell growth and increasing gastric motility.

above, we have introduced a variety of health preservation methods, we can use the method of drinking water and fruit wine to play the role of health preservation, above we used mulberry to make mulberry red wine. Mulberry red wine has a very high therapeutic effect, mulberry red wine can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, prevent cancer, improve immunity and other effects.

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