What is shortening

in today’s kitchen, people eat many kinds of oil crops, and the price and nutritional efficacy are also uneven. There are more expensive olive oil, peanut oil, but also relatively cheap peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil. Corn oil and so on. Every kind of cooking oil will have different taste. Moreover, the customers of each kind of oil are distributed in different regions.

shortening is a special kind of oil, which is not very common in today’s kitchens. This kind of oil can only be used when there is a special need. Therefore, we are not familiar with this. Now, let’s learn about shortening!

shortening, scientific name white oil, because it looks white and looks like lard. Shortening is one of the special oils in food industry. It has certain plasticity or consistency, and can be used for pastry ingredients, surface spraying or demoulding. It can be used to crisp or soften baked food, so that protein and carbohydrate in the processing process will not become hard and continuous block, and improve the taste.

at first, shortening refers to good lard. Later, the consumption of shortening made from hydrogenated vegetable oil or a few other animal and vegetable oils greatly exceeded that of lard. According to the source of oil, it can be divided into animal or vegetable shortening; Partially or fully hydrogenated shortening; Emulsified or non emulsified shortening. According to the use and functionality, it can be divided into bread, pastry, icing and frying shortening. According to the physical form, it can be divided into plastic, fluid and powdery shortening (so-called “powdered oil”). Shortening and margarine are similar in appearance, but they can’t be regarded as the same kind. Margarine generally contains about 20% water, it is table oil, that is, direct consumption, contains more added elements (pigment, flavor agent, etc.). The shortening is generally not eaten directly.

there are many kinds of shortening in foreign markets. According to the above classification, it will be serialized. For example, the degree of hydrogenation of oil, the size of plasticity, aeration rate, consistency or viscosity, oil content of powder and so on. However, there are not many kinds of domestic products in the domestic market, and the food industry has not yet put forward many or special requirements, so it is only in the primary stage in this respect. Powdered shortening has been produced in China, all of which are microencapsulated, with oil content of 20-80%.

through the above, we can understand that shortening is not commonly used in daily kitchen diet, but mainly used in the production of industrial food. Shortening is a kind of oil that cannot be eaten directly. Therefore, in life, we should pay more attention to it.

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