What is the best fruit to eat in summer?

What is the best fruit to eat in summer?

what is the best fruit to eat in summer?

1, bayberry

to the hot summer, because of the lack of body fluid and gas caused by dry mouth and other symptoms of friends can eat bayberry to produce body fluid to quench thirst, in addition, summer eating more bayberry can also prevent heatstroke. Myrica rubra contains a variety of organic acids, as well as a large amount of vitamin C, we all know that eating sour food can improve appetite and help digestion, so if you have a bad appetite, it is recommended that you eat a few Myrica rubra to increase appetite and help digestion.

red bayberry fruit season is very short, not easy to store, easy to rot, so remind in the purchase of red bayberry should pay attention to the freshness of red bayberry. Be sure to eat fresh bayberry, or you will have diarrhea easily. And bayberry no skin, before eating must be cleaned, with light salt water bubble 10 minutes later to eat.

2 and

are known as & lt; After fruit & quot;, In addition to its sweet taste, another major reason is its role in Ancient Southeast Asian medicine. Traditionally, mangosteen was used to control the temperature of fever and prevent various skin infections. Research shows that the pericarp or rind of mangosteen is rich in xanthone, which not only has antioxidant capacity, but also helps to improve the health of immune system and make people feel comfortable.

mangosteen has the effect of reducing dryness, cooling and antipyretic. Healthy people can eat mangosteen, but three a day is enough. Mangosteen is rich in cellulose. It will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Excessive consumption will cause constipation. Mangosteen has higher sugar content, so obese people should eat less, and diabetics should not eat. Mangosteen is high in potassium, so patients with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

3, grape

, and glycyrrhizin. Raw food can nourish liver and kidney Yin fluid and strengthen muscles and bones. All chronic diseases, such as liver and kidney yin deficiency, palpitations, night sweats, dry cough, tuberculosis cough, waist and leg pain, can be used as tonic food. Eating fresh grapes often has the effect of Tonifying Qi and blood and promoting urination. It is suitable for spleen deficiency and weak Qi, shortness of breath and fatigue, floating face and swollen limbs, and adverse urination. Jiantang and Jiuyin can treat rheumatic arthralgia. Mash juice and sugar to treat Chi Li

4 and litchi

. Rich in sugar, litchi has the function of supplementing energy and increasing nutrition. Research has proved that litchi has a nourishing effect on brain tissue, and can significantly improve insomnia, amnesia, mental fatigue and other diseases. Litchi meat is rich in vitamin C and protein, which is helpful to enhance immune function and disease resistance. Litchi has the function of detumescence, detoxification, hemostasis and pain relief.

the sugar content of fresh litchi is very high. Eating it on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach pain and distension. Moreover, if you eat too much on an empty stomach, you will suddenly add too much high sugar into your body, which will lead to & lt; Hyperosmolar coma;. At the same time, people with Yin deficiency and excessive fire should not eat to avoid aggravating the symptoms of fire. Throat dry pain, gingival swelling, epistaxis and other diseases should also avoid using.

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