What is the best way to replenish blood? The most effective food for blood supplement

anemia is very harmful to human health, especially women. Women are prone to iron deficiency anemia, so they should pay more attention to their daily diet. So, what are the foods to replenish blood?

the most effective food for blood supplement

1, celery + milk

many people don’t like the special taste of celery. In fact, from the perspective of nutrition, celery is a very good food, which is rich in carotene, vitamin C, iron and other minerals. Most women’s anemia is iron deficiency anemia caused by iron deficiency. Celery is rich in iron and vitamin C to help iron play a role. Protein must be added to the production of red blood cells, and milk can play the role of protein supplement. Mash the celery, add an appropriate amount of milk, and finally add some honey to taste, which is a beautiful and fashionable blood tonic drink.

2, West plum dry + Baijiu

plum is rich in iron. Fresh prunes are hard to buy, but prunes are available in large supermarkets. They are made into wine and can be enjoyed all year round. Baijiu wine is also very simple to prepare, and put the Western MeJA and 900 ml (almost 3~4 cups) of white wine and proper sugar into the bottle, and put it in a cool place for 2 months to drink.

3, longan + chicken

take 150g chicken, 30g angelica and 100g longan meat. Wash the GUI, yuan and chicken, slice the chicken, put it into the pot towel, stew it over low heat for 3 hours, and season it.

4 and lotus seeds + longan

30 grams of lotus seeds and longan meat respectively, 20 grams of red dates and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. After soaking the lotus seeds, peel and remove the heart, put them into the pot together with longan meat and red dates, add an appropriate amount of water to decoct until the lotus seeds are crisp and rotten, add rock sugar to taste, and eat before going to bed.

5 and Angelica + mutton

400 grams of mutton, 25 grams of Astragalus, dangshen and Angelica respectively. Cut mutton into pieces, pack Astragalus, Codonopsis pilosula and Angelica in gauze bags, put them into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, simmer over low heat, and then add ginger and salt when the mutton is rotten.

6, Chinese wolfberry + red jujube + eggs

20g Chinese wolfberry, 10 red jujubes and 2 eggs. Cook wolfberry, jujube and eggs together. Remove the shell after the eggs are cooked and cook together for 10 minutes. Eat eggs and drink soup once a day or every other day. It has the effects of tonifying asthenia and fatigue, supplementing qi and blood, strengthening spleen and stomach, etc.

7, tomato + yogurt

iron can prevent and improve women’s anemia. If taken together with vitamin C, it is more easily absorbed by the human body. Tomatoes contain fire vitamin C, so it can improve the iron absorption rate. Only when the iron in food is absorbed can we achieve the purpose of supplementing blood. The ripe red tomato towel is extremely rich in vitamin C. the protein component of yogurt can promote the absorption of iron. Therefore, matching tomatoes with yogurt is a good source of iron. There are many kinds of yogurt. In order to avoid excessive intake of sugar, it is best to choose sugar free plain yogurt.

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