What is the better food to digest?

in our daily life, many people will have a variety of stomach discomfort phenomenon, among which dyspepsia is the most common, dyspepsia is the most common symptom of gastrointestinal diseases, dyspepsia will lead to abdominal distension, poor appetite and abdominal pain and other problems, as the people to eat for the day, how can we adjust our diet? So what are the more digestible foods? Let’s have a look.

1, high fiber food: eat more high fiber food, can promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. Whole grains are a good choice.

2, staple food: when people with indigestion choose staple food, it is best to choose some good digestion food. Noodles, steamed bread, rolls are all good digestion food materials, suitable for people with indigestion.

3, vegetables: indigestion for people to eat some fresh vegetables, this will help to improve gastric motility. Eggplant, carrot and tomato are suitable for people with indigestion.

4, meat: most of the meat will be more difficult to digest some, so, indigestion eat what good? In the choice of meat, eggs, milk, it is best to choose some less protein and calcium content, such as duck, which is more suitable for digestion and absorption.

5, fruit: when choosing fruit, apple, banana, papaya are the best choice for people with indigestion. What does indigestion eat good? The digestive enzyme in fruit is a good material to increase gastric motility.

6. Carrot juice, first use 500g carrot, wash and mash, add a little water to boil for 10 ~ 15min, filter with gauze, add water to 1000ml, add 3 ~ 5% sucrose to boil, pour into bottle, boil for 5 ~ 10min, disinfect and drink.

the food above is easy to digest, especially suitable for people with dyspepsia. Generally, the slight dyspepsia can be adjusted by diet. But if the disease is serious, it needs to go to a regular hospital for treatment, judge the specific reasons, and then give targeted treatment, There is also the usual must eat less meals to avoid abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

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