What is the correct view of food additives? The rational use of food additives

food additives is a proper term. It refers to the substances that are added to food under the permission of the state. Formaldehyde, Sudan red and melamine are called non edible substances. No matter how much they are added to food, non edible substances are not included in food, It’s all illegal. Food additives, on the other hand, are legal as long as they are not used in excess of quantity or scope. For example, it is not illegal to add state approved edible pigment to candy as long as the content does not exceed the standard. Unless scientific research finds that it has new toxic reactions, it is up to government departments to change its use limit or remove it from the list of food additives. Let’s get to know it with you.

What are the common food additives?


sweetener is one of the most commonly used basic excipients in fruit and vegetable processing Can of meat and other almost daily

sour agent

sour agent is an important excipient in the processing of fruits and vegetables. Sour taste agent has the function of improving food quality, commonly used are: citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, malic acid. It is widely used in all kinds of food, such as a considerable number of candy and chocolate products, especially fruit products.

enzyme preparation and antioxidant

enzyme preparation & mdash& mdash; The most widely used enzyme in fruit and vegetable processing is pectinase, which is mainly used to clarify juice. Pectinase treatment can greatly improve the yield and clarification effect of juice. Antioxidants & mdash& mdash; The main antioxidants used in fruit and vegetable processing are water-soluble antioxidants. It can be used to protect the color of food, prevent oxidation discoloration and reduce the flavor and quality of food due to oxidation.

tips: food additives and non food substances are not the same concept. As long as food additives are added in accordance with the national regulations, they will not be harmful to human body, but they will not be good for health. Especially for children, snacks added with a lot of food additives can easily destroy children’s taste and cause a series of health problems.

for food additives, consumers need not panic, but also can not condone. Therefore, consumers should correct their consumption concept, treat food additives with an objective and fair attitude, and do not give up questioning and supervision of food safety.

Correct view of the role of food additives

(1) reasonable use of food additives can prevent food spoilage, maintain or enhance food nutrition, improve or enrich food color, aroma, taste, etc.

(2) the necessity of using food additives

in fact, it is more dangerous not to use preservatives, because bad food often causes food poisoning. In addition, preservatives can not only prevent food deterioration, but also kill Aspergillus and other toxic microorganisms, which is undoubtedly beneficial to human health.

(3) The safe dosage of food additive is

, and the dosage of food additive without any toxic effect or adverse effect on health is expressed in mg per kilogram per day, Refer to

national food safety standard for the use of food additives.

(4) do not use toxic additives

& quot; White slug & quot; The chemical formula is nahso2 & middot; CH2O· 2H2O。 It is prepared by reacting zinc powder with sulfur dioxide to produce low sulfite, etc., then reacting with formaldehyde, concentrating in vacuum evaporator and condensing into blocks& quot; White slug & quot; White block or crystalline powder, soluble in water. It is stable at room temperature and can decompose sulfite at high temperature. It has strong reducibility, so it has bleaching effect.

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