What is the effect of yam?

yam, as a kind of medical tonic material, has rich nutritional value. It is loved by many people whether it is stewed or stir fried. Yam fiber rich, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so there is the role of stomach. In autumn and winter, you can often see it on the dining table, and the nourishing and health preserving effect with different ingredients is also great. So what are the other functions of yam? The following small make up to give you a detailed introduction.

1 invigorating the spleen, benefiting the stomach and relieving diarrhea

yam is a kind of medicine and food dual-purpose product. It can be used for the treatment of spleen and stomach weakness, less food, body fatigue and other diseases. It also has obvious effect on the treatment of functional diarrhea and fungal diarrhea.

2 Yiqi Yangxue

people with deficiency of Qi and blood should nourish blood. Yam is very suitable for supplementing qi and nourishing blood, especially for women. It can be boiled together with Chinese yam in the food or medicinal materials suitable for invigorating blood, so that the effect of Supplementing Qi and invigorating blood is stronger.

3 nourishing and anti-aging

edible yam can improve sleep, strengthen the body, nourish cells, strengthen endocrine, enhance the body’s hematopoietic function, induce interferon, improve the body’s immune function, and improve disease resistance, which has an important impact on delaying the aging process.

4 tonifying lung and moistening dryness

Chinese yam has a moderating effect on chronic cough due to chronic disease and deficiency. It is a good medicine for chronic cough and asthma due to lung deficiency.

5 strong muscle and bone, beauty and beauty

Chinese yam contains a mixture of mucin, which can supply a large number of sugar and protein to the human body, increase the lubrication of mucous membrane and skin, and reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. It is a very good beauty saint.

6nourishing Yin and tonifying yang

yam can tonify Yin and clear deficiency heat. It can strengthen the body and nourish the kidney and essence. It can be used if there are symptoms of kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea, leucorrhea and frequent urination.

the above is about the role of yam, now you have a further understanding of the efficacy of yam, later also know how to match ingredients. Many of them feel itchy when they deal with yams. Xiaobian reminds us that we should take protective measures before dealing with yams, and put gloves on our hands so that we don’t have to worry.

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