What is the food beneficial to blood vessels?

it is often said that diseases come from the mouth. Since ancient times, food has had a great impact on human health. In recent years, cardiovascular disease has been on the rise, which is mainly related to people’s unhealthy diet. Most of them are caused by eating some dirty food. So, which food is good for cardiovascular? Let’s introduce the common food in our life.

1, corn: corn contains unsaturated fatty acids, especially

2, tomatoes: as we all know, tomatoes are rich in vitamins, tomatoes can improve the body’s oxidation ability, eliminate free radicals and other garbage in the body, protect the elasticity of human blood vessels, and can effectively prevent the formation of thrombosis.

3, apple: apple contains flavonoids, potassium, polysaccharide, fructic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C and other nutrients, which can promote the accumulation of fat decomposition in the human body, and has the effect of preventing and delaying atherosclerosis.

4. Garlic: the volatile capsaicin contained in garlic can eliminate the fat accumulated in blood vessels and has obvious lipid-lowering effect. It is a good medicine for patients with arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

5, onion: onion contains vitamin A can help human blood vessels dilate, can relax blood vessels, reduce vascular pressure, reduce blood viscosity. Onion also contains thioamino acids, diallyl disulfide, which can enhance the activity of fibrinolysis, has a certain anti atherosclerosis and hypolipidemic effect.

through the above article, we can know that many foods in our life are good for blood vessels. Xiaobian would like to remind you that we should eat animal food reasonably, and try to eat less high cholesterol, high-fat food and greasy food, which will make people feel full and easily lead to fatigue, Usually also appropriate activity, activity is good for blood vessels.

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