What is the harm of medlar soaking in water?

Lycium barbarum is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used as food or vegetable. Medlar in our daily life, there are many ways to eat, can be used to cook porridge, stew, stew, tea or eat directly. Many people don’t know that in daily life, simply drinking wolfberry in water can easily bring harm to the body if you don’t pay attention to it. Drinking wolfberry in water is also harmful to the body. So, what harm will there be if you don’t pay attention to drinking wolfberry in water?

causes insomnia and dreaminess


if a large number of Lycium barbarum is taken, the function of blood and oxygen supply to the heart is affected, and it is easy to affect the normal activities of the brain. Especially like to drink with wolfberry before going to bed, it is easy to cause insomnia. In addition, wolfberry belongs to warm food, too much food is easy to cause fire, make people in a state of restlessness, affect the quality of sleep.

it’s easy to get angry


if you use a lot of medlar to drink in water for a long time, although all the nutrition of medlar will not enter into the water, because medlar is a mild food, if you use a lot of medlar to drink in water for a long time, it’s easy to get angry, and some people will have nosebleed. In particular, people with warm constitution should pay more attention to avoid excessive use of Lycium barbarum to drink in water.

leading to irritability


as mentioned above, long-term consumption of large quantities of Lycium barbarum soaking in water is likely to cause the body to get angry easily. We know that excessive liver fire in the body can easily lead to irritability and anger. And irritable, long-term in an angry state and easy to turn liver injury. In particular, the temperament itself is more impatient people should pay attention not to drink too much water with wolfberry.

the harm of medlar soaking in water mentioned above is so many. When you take medlar, you must pay attention to it. Take medlar reasonably. If you have a cold or other discomfort, you’d better not eat medlar. Especially when the pressure cold has a fever, it is easy to drink water with wolfberry fruit, which can lead to a strong body fire, thus aggravating the body discomfort.

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