What is the health porridge suitable for summer?

in summer, because the climate is too hot, many people have no appetite to eat. Sometimes they don’t eat well all day long. Summer is a season easy to catch fire, so diet becomes particularly important. In summer, besides the common green bean porridge, Babao porridge and millet porridge, there are many other porridge that can be eaten. Next, Xiaobian introduces several kinds of health porridge suitable for summer.

● prevention of cold caused by summer dampness

congee with Scallion: 5 scallions, 5 ginger slices and 60g glutinous rice. The same cooking, porridge into 5 ml vinegar can be taken.

ginger sugar perilla porridge: 3-6g perilla leaves, 5 pieces of ginger, 60g glutinous rice. After porridge, add 15g brown sugar and mix well.

lentil porridge: 15g white bean porridge, 100g japonica rice porridge. First with japonica rice porridge, add lentil flowers, and then boil for 5 minutes, you can take.

● Shengjin Zhike

congee with Chinese cabbage root and green onion: 3 Chinese cabbage roots, 2 green onion roots, 10g reed root and 60g japonica rice.

Gegen congee: 30g Gegen, 60g japonica rice. First boil the kudzu root to get the juice, remove the dregs, and cook the porridge with the medicinal juice. It can not only produce fluid and quench thirst, but also help to lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar, which is suitable for patients with hypertension and diabetes.

pumpkin porridge: 20g pumpkin, 60g japonica rice. Eat porridge together. Suitable for diabetic patients.

● heat clearing and detoxification, diuresis and dampness removing

red bean crucian carp porridge: a piece of crucian carp (about 250g), red bean 50g. First cook the fish, put it into gauze bag, and cook porridge with red beans. It can also be used for skin furuncle.

mung bean and lotus root porridge: 60g mung bean, 20g fresh lotus root, 3 fresh peppermint. The lotus root slices and mung bean porridge together, temporary cooked add Mint stir, can be used for skin infection.

dandelion porridge: 30g dandelion, 100g japonica rice. Dandelion water to stay juice, rice porridge. It can be used for skin prickle, furuncle, rash, etc.

several summer health porridge introduced above, have you learned it? In summer, eating some healthy porridge can keep the body healthy. In summer, the body is easy to get tired, so we must strengthen exercise, exercise regularly, and improve our immune ability. It is easy to sweat in summer, so we must supplement water in time to prevent fire.

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