What is the practice of cola bone?

some authentic home dishes are popular, such as sweet and sour tenderloin, cola spareribs and so on. Cola spareribs are nutritious, refreshing and not greasy. The method is also very simple and easy to use. For those who love to cook, this dish is also a dish that is more popular with friends at a banquet. So, what is the method of cola bone? Now let Xiaobian introduce the practice of cola bone to you, so that you can make your family full of praise. Ingredients: 700g spareribs, seasoning: peanut oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, oyster sauce, cola, right amount, pepper.

in principle, any kind of cola is OK, and it’s better to use Coca Cola.

procedure steps:

1. Chop ribs, wash and drain water

2. Shred ginger, cut garlic and rice, cut Hangzhou pepper into sections with oblique knife, with moderate thickness.

3. Heat oil in a cold pan, add ribs, stir fry to change color, add soy sauce, continue to stir fry until evenly colored, add salt, stir well.

4. Add cola, about equal to spareribs, and simmer over medium heat until well done. Put oyster sauce to collect juice, add pepper and garlic, stir fry for one minute, then put on the plate.


1. Stir fry the spareribs until they are ripe to put coke, otherwise there will be blood foam, which will affect the appearance of the dishes.

2. Too much Coke will be very sweet. You can dilute it with a little water.

3. The oyster sauce is about to be put in the pot, and the dish will be bright. And not easy to paste pot

4. Heat is very important, big will paste, small dish is not fragrant.

5. No one knows your taste better than you, so you have to control the weight of each seasoning.

Cola bone special meal, you can also take it out, when you go to work, you can take it as lunch, and it’s cleaner than the food outside, rest assured, do it yourself, it’s also very economical, in addition, the ingredients are also very simple, as long as you follow the above practice of Xiaobian absolutely no problem. Come and have a try.

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