What is the practice of crystal foreskin?

now people’s living standards are constantly improving, and they are more and more particular about food. Young people are more and more like to eat all kinds of snacks, among which crystal foreskin is one. This snack tastes good and has rich nutrition, but most of them can’t make crystal foreskin, which is too troublesome, Now let’s make up for you to introduce the specific practice of crystal foreskin.

main ingredients: 200g raw powder, 100g clear noodles.

ingredients: 100g lotus paste stuffing, 100g bean paste stuffing, 100g milk yellow stuffing, 50g olive seed, a little cooked sesame. Method:

1, add 200 grams of boiling water together with raw powder and clear flour, stir evenly, and make dough for use.

2. Make the dough into small pieces, press them into thin slices, and then wrap them into three kinds of fillings, namely lotus seed paste, bean paste and milk yellow fillings, to make chestnuts sized balls. Put a olive seed and a little black sesame on each ball, put them on a plate smeared with oil, steam for 3 minutes, take them out and put them on the plate neatly.

features: clear color, soft, waxy and smooth, different taste

ingredients: 450g refined flour, 50g fermented flour, 100g lard, 200g rock sugar and 200g white sugar, appropriate amount of alkali.

features white color, soft texture, sweet and oily taste, and a sense of crystal sugar crumbs when eating.

preparation method:

1. Put the flour into fermented flour and water (50g), mix well, cover with clean cloth.

2. Remove the oil skin and cut into small pieces. Smash the rock sugar into crumbs, put it into a bowl, add diced lard oil and white sugar (150g) and mix them into crystal sugar stuffing.

3. Knead the dough well with caustic soda and sugar (50g), rub it into strips, pull it into 10 pieces of flour, sprinkle a little on the surface, pat it into round skin one by one, and wrap it with crystal sugar stuffing (45g), then make 10 pieces of crystal big bag, cover with dry cloth for a while.

4. Put the basket drawer on the boiling water pan. When the steam is enough, put the large bag into the basket drawer and steam for 10 minutes.

the above is the specific practice of crystal foreskin. I believe you will have an understanding after reading it. In fact, making crystal foreskin is very simple. As long as you master the essentials of making, the taste is very good. In the process of making crystal foreskin, you must be patient and pay attention to the heat to avoid melting crystal sugar.

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