What is the production principle of Sufu?

Sufu is a very common thing. Now more and more people like to eat sufu. Sufu contains a lot of nutrients and has many benefits to the body. The process of making Sufu is troublesome. Many people don’t know how to make sufu, but some of the principles of making Sufu are very simple, Now let’s let Xiaobian tell you why Sufu is made? What’s the effect?

tofu, also known as sufu, is made from soybean, rice wine, sorghum wine, red koji and other raw materials. There are many kinds of bean curd, most of which taste delicious and have the function of removing fishiness and greasiness. It is suitable for food or seasoning, such as chafing dish seasoning. The more famous ones are Wang Zhihe stinky tofu in Beijing and Shaoxing Sufu in Zhejiang. Nutritional efficacy: the main ingredients of tofu are protein, fat, carotene, vitamin A, e, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Bean curd is rich in plant protein. After fermentation, protein is decomposed into various amino acids, and yeast and other substances are produced, so it has the effect of increasing appetite and promoting digestion. Stinky Sufu (Qingfang) is rich in vitamin B12, which can supplement vitamin B12 in human body and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

any tofu, seasoning, appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, Lake powder, blending oil, a little sugar, three spoonfuls of Sufu juice

the practice of Sufu tofu

1. Prepare all the ingredients.

2. Cut tofu into small pieces and use light salt water for 5 minutes.

3. Stir fry shallot, ginger and garlic in wok

4. Pour in tofu and gently push

5. Add soy sauce.

6. Add decaying milk.

7. Add appropriate amount of water.

8. Add a little sugar.

9. Cook tofu for 5 minutes, then add chicken essence and pour in water starch.

0. Stir well and turn off the heat.

the production method of Sufu is actually very simple. I believe you have a great understanding of the production method of Sufu after reading my introduction. Now you should make your own sufu. The amount of Sufu used must be controlled. You can’t eat too much sufu, which will cause damage to the kidney. Xiaobian suggests that you can try it after you go home.

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