What is the usage and function of sweet sauce?

nowadays, people are very particular about what they eat. Many people like to add some sauce to their meals, dishes and noodles, which has a lot of effects on the taste. But many people don’t know whether the sweet flour sauce is good or not. In fact, some sauces can’t be eaten too much, which has an impact on the body, Now let me introduce the usage and function of sweet flour sauce.

sweet flour sauce, also known as sweet sauce, is a kind of sauce like condiment made of flour as the main raw material through koji making and heat preservation fermentation. It tastes sweet and salty, and has the aroma of soy sauce and ester. It is suitable for cooking saute in soy sauce and sauce, such as saute diced meat in soy sauce. It can also be dipped in green onion, cucumber, roast duck and other dishes.

nutritional efficacy

sweet flour paste has undergone a special fermentation process. Its sweetness comes from maltose, glucose and other substances produced in the fermentation process. The taste comes from the amino acids produced by protein decomposition, and the saltiness is produced by the addition of salt. Sweet flour paste contains a variety of flavor substances and nutrients, which not only tastes delicious, but also can enrich the nutrition of dishes, increase the edible ability of dishes, and has the effect of appetizer and food aid.

method of sweet flour sauce:


10ml oil, 200g flour, 30g soy sauce, 50g sugar


1, heat the frying pan, add a little oil, when it is 50% hot, add flour, push evenly, add soy sauce, and add a small amount of water (soy sauce is salty, you don’t need to put salt, if you are afraid of too light, add less salt)

2 Then put the sugar into the pot and let it melt. The sauce can be used to stir fry double cooked meat, stir fry miscellaneous sauce meat and so on. You can eat whatever you want. In short, it’s delicious!


1, when making sauce, do not stir or stir, but slowly push well. When the small bubbles come out of the pot and the aroma is overflowing, put in the white granulated sugar and mix well.

2, sauce red bright, mellow taste, etc. after natural cooling, put into the bottle, pay attention to seal.

as long as the sweet flour paste is made by oneself, it is not harmful to the body, but it must not be eaten often, because it also contains strong preservatives, eating too much will cause bad things, so the amount of sweet flour paste is the best, appropriate eating tastes good and will not cause harm to the body.

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